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Have you tried this? Cats off countertops....

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My friend is moving and wants to get a fresh start with keeping the cats off the counters in the new place. She has tried a few different things in her current place that I've suggested and her cats just laugh at her.

She found this product in a catalog, but it costs $40 (plus $15 for an AC adapter) and wants to know if anyone has heard of or tried this product with any success.

It is called the "Cat Scram" and here is the description from the catalog:

Train your cats with sound waves only they can hear.
Effectively keep your cats off countertops, plants and furniture with strong, but harmless, ultrasonic waves that train them to avoid specific areas. Operates on a 9 volt battery (not included) or AC adapter (sold separately). Guards up to 6' floor range or 15' range when elevated or tilted. Indoor use only.
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If she only has one cat, then it may work. The problem with any "noise" making device is if she has multiple cats, then all the cats get "punished" when one of the cats is committing the crime (being on the counter). Then you also have the potential of one of the cats being in the litter box when the alarm sounds, they may then associate the box with the alarm, and avoid it, thinking that they set off the alarm by going into the box. You then have a whole new set of issues.

I would suggest the Scat-Mat. It gives of a small static-like shock when touched, so ONLY the cat on the counter gets a warning. I have used it and it works, my cats don't get on the counters or table anymore, and its been over a year since I got it, and we had recently moved to a new place. It took only a few days for them to get the message. I also found it useful to protect plants from being chewed or whatever else.

If she is moving into a new home then I would definately suggest it, since the cats will be unfamiliar with the place, and will learn instantly that the "new" countertops are not very fun to jump on, like the ones in the old place were.
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Thanks for your reply. She's actually going to check into the Scat Mats and see if she can get them cheaper and locally.

That's the plan, to make these new counters much less attractive to the two cats. Right now she tells them to get down and they just look at her, none too impressed.
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Another suggestion that I have read is to take a clean, empty soda can and put some pennies in it and then put in on the edge of the counter. So when the offending cat hops up there it makes quite a racket and the cat then associates that with the counter and stays away.

I haven't tried it with my cat, for four years he never bothered a table or countertop. Now, all the sudden he is constantly sneaking up there. All I have to do is look at him and he scurries off at warp speed, but he still goes up there when he thinks he can get away with it.

Mental note, must put cans up tonight!
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I have the same problem with my kittie now. He has taken to jumping up on the bathroom counter top as well as in the kitchen. My vet suggested trying double sided tape, that way when he jumps up, his feet will stick and he won't like the feeling and jump right back off. So far, it seems to be working. The good thing about using double sided tape, is that it works when you are not at home.
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...Yeah, I tried double sided tape. I absolutely know, without a doubt, it would work for Missy. --But Spike?? ~~HAH~~ --NOT a chance!!!!! He thinks ANY kind of tape (double sided or other) is a TERRIFIC new toy!!! EEEEEEYIKES!!!!
I think I am going to get one of those scatmats too, but first, will try the cans/coins thing!! (Thanks for the suggestions!)
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we found this by mistake.....

Nick was cleaning his computer with a can of high pressure air...... he aimed it a Coopers feet.... she ran out of the room sooooo fast!!!

Now we just hit the trigger and it hisses... she RUNS!!!!

It's non-toxic (might work!?)

I also have heard of people putting foil on the counter... some cats don't like the feeing on their feet!
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Where can you get one of those scat mat from the tape does not work for me
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You can find the details at www.scatmat.com and to find a retailer go here: http://www.scatmat.com/Tools/StoreLo...roduct=scatmat
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