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Oriental Next Topmodel

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Today on ''Oriental Next Topmodel''

My black boy Itty Bitty Kitty

Grooming myself

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Mirror, mirror...

Eating my paw

Finally finished with your camera???

I will open the door myself (he really does that)

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Hey Binky, wanna wrestle???

Bring it on!!!!

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Oh my What a handsome boy
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Wow... he' is quite the handsome cat! All long lean legs!
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Itty Bitty!
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WHOA.. Itty Bitty is gorgeous! And Binky is just plain adorable!
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I want one! Orientals are just way too gorgeous!
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Oh Itty make me swoon!

He's just so VERY handsome. I just love the way a black cat's fur shines like satin.
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what a beauty. He has so much character
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How far do those ears pick up radio stations?? just kidding!!

Those first few pictures, he's got the look of..."Yeah, I know, I'm cute, tell me something I don't know"!
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Love the pics of Itty and Binky play wrestling!!!!
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I think those pictures have scared away any possible competition! He is The Next Top TCS Oriental Kitty Model! Absolutely gorgeous!
And what a great Idea for TCS contest! Of course with every kitty being a winner!
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He is very handsome!
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I always look forward to pictures of Itty Bitty!!! I am in love with him!!

He is such a beautiful cat!!
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Ummm he may look all innocent from those pictures but has it been him doing all that scratching on that dresser?!

Great pics!
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That dresser is many years old... All the kitties (also *Precious) are responsable for the scratches over the years (they run after each other on it, they don't scratch it on purpose
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He's so gorgeous!
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Amazing photos!
The camera just loves Itty Bitty!
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