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Minnesota Show coming up!

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If anyone is interested, we will be showing Jack (our first time showing him) in Hopkins (Minneapolis) in 2 weeks - show is April 25th and 26th (Saturday/Sunday) from 9am to 5pm.

All Minnesotians are welcome (or others close by) to stop in and meet Jack and us and cheer him on in the rings. If anyone wants more info where the show is, just pm me and I'll give you what you need.

Hope a few of you will be able to come.

We'll have Charlie with us on Saturday, but not sure if we will bring him on Sunday - depends on how well the boys really get along all day in the cage together
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Well, if I lived closer, I would be there to cheer for you and Jack! Good luck to you both.
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I would go if I lived out there.
Good luck at the show.
Yo should come out here.
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Gah! Why is it I end up working every weekend there is a show?!?!
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You need to see if you can trade with someone so you can get up here girl! There is also one in May in Brooklyn Center - May 16/17 - maybe that one will work for you????
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There's no one to trade with....go figure. I can try to put in for that weekend off in May, see if I get it - although it's my normal weekend to have to work, hopefully they can cut me some slack as I never ask for time off!
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Good luck Jack!!!!!! Zee and I will be cheering for you from Michigan
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Good luck from NZ too. I've just received my numbers that I'm judging that weekend and it's big (for NZ!)
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