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Emu oil and anxiety

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I am moving soon with my cats and already they are showing signs of stress (they get stressed easily... I'm not sure exactly what is causing it right now, but I have a feeling the move will only make things much worst)

I went to the pet store and asked for something to help calm them down and what they had was a spray made from emu oil. Has anyone ever tried it? Does it work?
The woman also said I could try lavender (putting some in their bedding). Does that work too?
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Hi there,

I've heard of using emu oil for many things, I've used it on my cats for wounds and it hasn't bothered them, but I don't know if it's helped per say. However STAY AWAY from lavender. I used it on cello once and he went nuts, and was sorta foaming at the mouth and really unhappy. I looked up online any adverse affects on cats and it is hottly debated about it's usefullness vs. toxicity for cats. From what I can tell cats hate the smell and it could indeed be toxic too them (google lavender and cats). I was really upset I used it before doing research and will never use it again on or around my cats.

My advice would be to look into feliway. This is a spray that is specifically made to calm down cats in stressful situations and many members here have had raving success with it. You should be able to buy it at any major pet store or online
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