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Scenes of yesterday

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Here's a link to a thread of old photos. Some of the locations are recognizable, but mostly they're just everyday slices of life in the 50's and 60's (with a few down into the 40's and up into the 70's). Wow, what a time warp!

This was the day when highways went through downtown, and it took all day to do 300 miles.

Life yesterday

Keep going...every few pages, there's another massive set! With as diverse a group as we have here, I'll bet we recognize a lot of these places. I've seen a few I know.
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I love those photos! I was looking at the one on the third page - it says California Bank on the building and there are lots of cars parked - how the heck did they leave? Wait for people to leave in the front row or something?
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OMG those pics are amazing!
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Wow! I love old photos!
All the old cars, the clothes styles. I remember A&P, the old drive ins and Woolworth stores lol I'm way too young to remember those street cars though. Wow, I love the turn of the century houses! Some of those pics go way back to dirt roads and I even spotted a horse and wagon lol Lots of those really old photos are in great condition.
Cool link
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