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How much food for a 3-months old kitty?

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Hello all!

I am the proud owner of a young abyssinian, but this is my first cat and I got very contradictory opinions about how much he should eat. We leave dry food in his bowl for the whole day, and feed him a small amount of canned food everyday (2 to 4 times a day).

He was a little over 2 months old when we got him, and in the past month, he has been eating about 30g (1oz?) of dry food and one small can (3 oz) per day. He is growing fast, but does not look fat.

The canned food, he eats very fast (each portion is gone within 3 minutes!), and he goes at the dry food every now and then (maybe 10 times a day?).

I just want to make sure we don't over-feed nor starve him.

Any advice welcome!

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Thats a young kitten that you have. My advice with a kitten is to feed as higher quality kitten food that you can afford, preferably wet but a high quality dry is okay too, and feed your kitten as much as it wants to eat. Kittens do need regular food and also they need the extra energy in kitten food. They are so acyive at that age that I wouldn't worry about your kitty being fat! All the best with your new kitty
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Thank you for your answer!
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Thanks for sharing. I am also looking for same information.
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How much does your kitten weigh? Does he act like he's hungry all the time? That seems like an awfully small amount of food for a growing kitten. My kittens were eating almost twice that much at three months, although different proportions of wet and dry. If he seems to be satisfied and is growing well, I wouldn't worry about it. If you think he's still hungry, definitely give him more.

What is your kitty's name? We'd love to see
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My 10 week old Himalayan eats about a normal size can food from the vet in two days. He has lots of energy and I leave the wet food down as well as the dry but he only goes back for the wet. I'm not even sure if that's normal. But he wasnt eating for the first few days when i got him so i took him to the vet and had to leave him there for a couple of days so what he eats now seems like alot to me. He's getting fat fast and I love it I suggest leave down the wet food for a few hours... He'll only eat until he's full. He's a baby so let him eat as much as he wants, when he wants, specially with the wet food because it's designed to make them get chubby and give them energy when they're little. They cant store much energy when they are little. so they need to eat constantly.
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