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Daily Thread Monday April 13th!

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Morning peeps!

It's Easter Monday, but I am off to work. We got Friday off...but not the Monday as well. Should be super busy at work today since we weren't in Friday.

Josh's birthday was on Saturday and we had an amazing day and night. I got him some nice cologne and a Bulova watch. He has always wanted one and he loves it! I am thrilled!

Tonight I am going to do some laundry, and probably grab some groceries at lunch time.

Have a great day folks!
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Shelter day today.

The warehouse is closed today, so my week doesn't start until tomorrow night.
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I'm just getting ready to head out for work after 3 days off. I had the alarm set to go in early this morning, but the body just wasn't willing. My allergies were bothering me last night, so I took some Benadryl and I suspect that's why I was sleeping so well. The weather is also a slight bit cool and the forecast calls for a 100% chance of thunderstorms, so it will probably be dreary for most of the day. After work, I'll be going to the gym after 4 days off, then home for a late dinner.
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Good morning

A little tired this morning after a very eventful weekend (will probably start a thread a bit later). Very nice out though, it was close to 55ºF this morning when I got up, and is supposed to get to about 71ºF today with a chance of rain and severe storms tonight.

I have a make up pole practice tonight from this weekend since we had the housewarming and I rescheduled practice. Seems like my worklist at work exploded since Thursday (I was off Friday) so I might be busy this week, yay!

Have a great day
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Its an ok day outside but will be windy keeping temps in the mid 40's for the day.

Still have the cold but I didn't take any cold medicine before going to bed (early) last night and I slept though the night-first good night sleep since Tuesday. But I just took a dose as I'm still coughing a bit.

Busy week for for me as I'm working 4 day at the pt job and 2 days doing spring garden cleanup. Plus a meeting one evening and finally a haircut/color another evening.

I hope my cold gets better and doesn't slow me down!

The cats are in the house except Bender who is yowling all the time so he is back in the garage (still yowling though). All seem to be getting along pretty good so far-he knows despite his size he is low man in the pecking order of cats!!

Trying to think of something fast and tasty for supper tonite-might be some sort of casserole!

Have a good day!
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Well, I had hoped it would be nicer out because I want to go for a walk in our conservation area today. We might go after lunch though.... it's only supposed to be a high of 8C or 46F today with some wind so it feels colder.

Aside from that, nothing planned.... will probally read... If I feel up to it later, I'd like to go into the city and see if I can pick up some paint by numbers. I love doing those and can do it one handed Something to keep me busy.

Have a great day folks.
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Morning All!!

Shaping up to be a gorgeous day here today. Sunny and a balmy 10C. I had my hot chocolate sitting out on the deck watching the ducks down at the river.

Have a few chores to do today, so will get at those shortly. Now that the cats aren't shedding quite as badly I want to take all my throw rugs out on the deck and give them a good cleaning.

I already have a load of curtains in the washer which I have wanted to get to for awhile. I have yellow curtains and with the electric heat they get kind of dingy by this time of year. I am using Lavender Gain on them so that should make the whole house smell fantastic when I put them back up.

The kitties are all sitting in the window enjoying the fresh air and watching for the garbage truck.

Everyone have a great day
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Gloomy day here. Above zero but grey skies.

Went to the chiropractor today, plan on doing one load of laundry and hopefully organizing my linen closet. It's such a mess: it's become more of a junk cupboard than anything else. Other than that, I just plan on taking it easy. Might rent a VOD movie again this evening.
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Good morning... Or, I guess probably good afternoon to most of the world.

Back to work after a nice 3 day weekend. My BF and I took the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner to San Diego and did lots of walking and hit a few really good beer bars with some SD friends. That train is a really nice ride, a good deal of it runs along the coast.

This weekend is the Long Beach Grand Prix, and if i remember correctly from last year I should be hearing the cars practicing all this week when i go home for lunch even though i'm about a mile away from the closest part of the circuit. Those cars are LOUD!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Morning peeps!

It's Easter Monday, but I am off to work.
Easter Monday?
My wife (DW) teaches school today but I noticed that the Episcopalian school behind me is not in session today.
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Ugghh the university has school today, but the high schools dont....NOT FAIR!! lol I only went to my 8am class cause my 9am teacher cancelled class! And I ditched my 10am class. I went and took care of the horses, just had lunch and am doing homework, i have class tonight at 6pm...blahhh!!
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It is a sunny/cloudy day today and breezy. I went to my sister's to do my laundry, when I move into my new residence I will have a washer/dryer and that is definitely a plus for me, no more lugging clothes back and forth to my sister's house. After I did the laundry we went to IHOP for brunch, then I stopped at Walmart to buy Autumn some canned food and treats. The rest of the day I'm just going to relax, it's almost 5pm anyway. Hope you're all having a nice Monday.
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I worked all weekend and today is my day off, probably my only day this week. So I am doing laundry and cooking a slow simmered beef stew with fresh herbs! I hate the fact that the day is almost over though!
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