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cats and pregnancy

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I know they say cats know when you are pregnant and this is certainly true with my Minx, she moved from laying on the bottom of my bed to curling up right next to my belly in early pregnancy..and not just on top of my quilt, she fought to get under it!

Now, I'm 17 weeks and she doesn't do that anymore, but she is still quite protective. Usually when I'm lounging she would come and lay longways on my chest and tummy and be petted, now she is so wary of climbing on my tummy, she will walk to the side to get on, or she'll do a big step up as to not tread on my belly. She will happily lay on it, but it's the getting up she is so so careful not to put all her weight on. Indie, her brother hasn't treated me any different

Do you think because he is closer to DH and she is closer to me she is just more in tune? Any of you had similar experiences? I'd love to hear.
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When I was pregnant with Ava all of them seemed to sense that something was going on. They were more careful when they climbed onto my belly and when the baby kicked they stared at my belly (even before my belly moved with the motion)
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