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Hello my friends!!

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Hello you wonderful people, hope you, your families and your fur babies are all doing just fine.

I apologise for my absence, I get online rarely now due to working and also taking my degree in Psychology. Just got my mark for my first essay which was 94% I'm so chuffed!

Last time I managed to get on I told you all I was pregnant, I'm now 17 weeks and 1 day I am not sure where the time has gone! I just had my triple bloods back and i'm high risk...I have refused an amnio test but will have an earlier scan in two weeks to check for soft markers... which my pregnancy is going on whatever they may find, to be honest I think these tests are just to cause more worry! Last time I was here there were a few other pg ladies, hope you pregnancies are going well. I had my 12 week scan all was ok, and I listen to 'shrimps' heartbeat on my doppler which is so beautiful to hear, also have a moonwalking baby well that is what it feels like sometimes lol.

There are heaps of new people, well not so much new but new since my everyday visits, hello to you all. Indie and Minx are doing well, Minky is still protecting Indie, she really has more balls than her brother and he is still a wuss Sorry I have babbled on lol, just because I am not always here doesn't mean I don't think of you all, or the kindness you showed this panicked woman when her babies were just 2 weeks old and I needed help on how to care for them...I will always appreciate that, thank you. Hope to see you all soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Welcome back! Your kitties are gorgeous
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Hey Ashleigh!! So pleased your doing ok.

What made you decide against the amnio test though?, and have you been told to rest more than normal?

Make sure you let us know how the scan went though?

Heres some healthy baby for good measure
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Glad to hear your pregnancy is coming along well. Hope the rest of the time goes well also and you have a perfectly healthy baby.
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