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gestation 68-75 days ? is that normal ?

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My baby Akeila was mated twice , according to my calculations from both dates mated she is either 68 days gestation or she is 75 days , Her first mate was Jan 29th and second was Feb 5th . she lost her mucus plug/water 3days ago but no labor as of yet , she is still eating/drinking and sleepy but full of playful energy after a good nap. Not nesting yet. She had diahirra today which i heard was normal before birthing? She is a seal point siamese PB and first time mommy , Any thoughts to any of these signs or her gestation length would be very much appreciated. I would also like to add that her tummy is MASSIVE for the size of her and the babies are kicking and rolling around like crazy for about 4 days now , have felt them moving for 3 weeks in total. please help ease my mind im so excited and so worried at the same time thank you to all in advance for your thoughts suggestions
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count it as 68 days. Longer then average but not unique.
Sometimes it draws over the time.

But if you do have a good and friendly vet to phone, do so, for being safe.

ps. Yeah, to phone the breeder is a good idea, yes.
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Try calling your breeder and see when her Siamese usually go.
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On the odd chance she could have conceived both times, but probably not...
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Originally Posted by CuteKittenKat View Post
On the odd chance she could have conceived both times, but probably not...
doesnt applicable here, she would in that case give birth to the first litter in due time for first litter, and second litter - in this due time.

Lets not complicate matters unnecessary.
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Why was she bred so many days apart? You are risking possible pre-mature kittens. Keep the vet's number handy - you probably will be needing it for emergency.

Controlled breeding is only over 2-3 days at the most!
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I called the breeder and she told me the siamese breed can go up to 70-72 days gestation , Im not sure if this is accurate or not as i have never heard of such a long gestation but again i am new to the siamese breed. I do have a fantastic vet whom i called after speaking to the breeder , she told me to also use the 68 day (not the 75) and so long as she is not showing any signs of sickness ,weakness or odor,s . She is ok. And as far as her tummy size she says it is larger than norm for her but probably a large litter.Guess im in the impatient waiting game
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You should count from the last day that she was mated. I also know that Siamese cats carry for longer than other breeds. You probably have nothing to worry about. I felt that my cat was overdue and just when I was on my last nerve she gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. You may want to take her for a check up, but everything should be OK. Congrats and Good Luck. Keep us updated!!!!
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Thank you samgypsy
From last day mated she is at 68 days , I think she is ready as she has new signs today here are what i have noticed , to start she had a bit of the diahria , her favorite meal is her wet food and today she wont touch it but is still nibbling the dry food and drinking her water, her tummy has dropped, and she is sleeping ALOT , i have noticed her breathing is a bit heavier as well . No contractions yet but im thinking she is prepping herself for tonight ?? Well im hoping so anyway
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yes, it seems to be the signs telling the birth labor in coming soon.
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sounds like it should be soon!
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Any kittens yet? My cat seemed to be in labor for forever before she finally had the first one. She may be having contractions, but sometimes its hard to tell in the first stage of labor. Once she goes into hard labor, there's no mistaking it. Good Luck and keep us updated.
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No kittens yet :-( she is wayyyyy past due now and im very worried , my vet keeps telling me she will be fine but still im very unsettled with her being so late
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She is probably not overdue, I thought for certain that my kept was way overdue too, but turns out she wasnt. I was very frustrated with my vet as well, I was thinking about having a C-section done just to get them out. As long as she looks healthy and seems comfortable and doesnt look like shes in trouble, everything will be ok. Especially if your vet says so. If you are able to take her temperature, if its high than she may be in trouble, take her to the vet immediately. If its normal than shes OK, and if its below 100 F than she will have them in about 24 hours. My cat was showing signs of labor for about 3 days before actually going into hard labor, so you probably have nothing to worry about. Especially if it is a siamese cat, they always carry longer than average cat, not sure why, but they do. Not unsual to go to 75 days.
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I know how you're feeling It;ll happen soon
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Thank both for the support i really appreciate it , I was also thinking c-section but vet had same advise , so long as she seems fine theres no need. Twice today i checked her temp both readings were 37.2c so it has dropped im really hoping this is the final sign to labor, as she has had everything else lol i,ll keep everyone updated :-) from last day mated she is now at 73 days gestation
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Well, the temperature dropping is a good sign...lets hope it soon!!!
She is pretty late, so perhaps she only has 1 or 2 kittens...
for her to have a safe delivery soon
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Well no kittens last night , She is acting rather strange this morning though , She has been following me around the house for the last 2 hrs talking to me She spent the whole night sleeping with me which is aslo not like her , she has always slept in bed with my 10 yr old daughter. Thank you all for the support , without this site to call upon i think i would be a compete WRECK through all of this
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Following you around and meowing alot is a definate sign of labor coming soon. My guess:any time in the next 24 hours! Prepare your self for kittens!!
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Good luck!!!
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How'd it go?
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oh NM fond the other post, congrats!
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