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Introducing cats help

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We had a stray cat show up at our condo door almost 4 weeks ago. I had an idea she was out there and would leave food out at night and found the bowl empty in the morning. I've had seen her several times outside but she never let me get close. Well after about 2 months of this, and some recent heavy rain, she decided to take a chance with us and decides to stand outside and meow that "help me" meow. We I went outside and she was hesitant but allowed me to get close and pet her. She then proceeded to turn into a purr box and didn't want me to go back inside. We have three other cats in a small condo so we couldn't let her in. Fast forward to the next day when she came back in the rain to plead her case again. We gave in and set up the spare bedroom for her. She couldn't have been more thrilled or happy. She purred herself to sleep that night as we tried to figure out what to do.
We decided that the best thing we could do is give her to a local no kill foster/adoption/rescue place. We don't want to bring her to animal control because we don't believe she'll make the cut there as she's about a year old. The foster place actually saves cats from death row at animal control but in order for them to accept her we had too get all her shots, blood tests, spayed, and chipped. We've had that all done to the tune of about $300 but that's ok because we're saving a life right?
Well she's, absolutely, the sweetest cat and were trying to figure out a way we can keep her (we don't want her to sit in a cage at a pet store for who knows how long) but she seems to be an alpha female (she's also been outside for at least two months) who hisses and swats very aggressively at the other three whenever we've tried to work an introduction. Again, she's the adorable sweet with humans but the other cats bring something out in her.
Is the situation hopeless or can someone give me some advice that I can put into action?


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It may take time, as much as 3 months. You may have to let her be alpha (not that you could change it). There are a lot of tips here, such as using vanilla to change the smell of all the cats, using Feliway, etc. But, ultimately, she and your present cats have to work it out themselves. They may never be buddies. Our three don't cuddle up, and they've been together for a long time.

You said you had her spayed, and that will have a little effect, but not a lot on a female.

Other opinions will be posted, I'm sure.
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