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An Easter Carol!

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In a land far far away there was a Cingdom of cats!
On April 12 it was a very special day in the Cat Cingdom.
Man Bunny delievered eggs to all the critters across the lands.

Pooh Bear, his helper, was often found snoozing on her noble steed, Scotch during the delivery, because sleeping is what she does best!

Meanwhile Man Bunny was riding his noble steed, Joe, kept poking Pooh Bear to wake her up, but nothing fazed her.

Man Bunny and Pooh Bear were headed to the Cat Cingdom's Castle where Queen Fluffy

and Princess June Bug lived.

When they arrived, Dakota, the guard pup said, "You do realize that fur ball behind you is stealing your eggs?"

At this Pooh Bear Sprang into action, "Who!"

It was none other than Chunky Monkey, herself. "Sorry I just couldn't help myself!"

Man Bunny, Pooh Bear, Scotch, Joe, Dakota, Fluffy and June Bug all laughed in unison.
They all enjoyed a delicious feast, on this wonderful day of Easter! And they hope you and your fur babies have a great day too!

Happy Easter!!!
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Love the first one!
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That was such a cute story! Funny too

Meant to add:
I love your furries names! I'm curious how they got them.
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Aww, this was cute! Great Easter tale!! The first pic is really funny.. bunny ears suit him well!
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Hehe Thanks!! I swear Man Cake is part rabbit!! I tried to use all of my animals in the story lol.

The cat names....lol um well they all started out with "real" names. Man Cake was Oliver (but he is our only male, and we started calling him little man and some how it developed into Man Cake cause he is just soo sweet and delicious looking lol) June Bug originally was Mazie Junior....boring so i called her Jr. and then i just began calling her June Bug. Chunky Monkey is Riley, but I swear she looks like a monkey and she is a little bit chunky all the more to love! And she is the opposite of a monkey, she is not graceful at all! Pooh Bear was Lexi, i began calling her Lexi Pooh, then just Pooh Bear and she is a bit chubby like hte character Pooh Bear adn sleeps all the time like Bears do (hybernating lol). Fluffy her real name was Mazie, i still call her that but fluffy just seems to suit her better (she is June Bugs mommy) lol I hope you were able to understand my mumbo jumbo lol. My cats have gone through so many names i am suprised they know who they are!
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I have a ton of nicknames for my furbaby but she ignores me and only answers to Maggie.
I love reading how everyone's kitties get their names Thanks for explaining!
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