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Male with bunch of females

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Hey all,

Well i have one cat left outside. It just breaks my heart to see him out there.

My wife says that males spray and mark their territory alot. We have 5 female cats and 2 female dogs.

If i was to bring him in, how do you think that he would do, and how do you think the females would do ?

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Is he fixed? If so when was he fixed? Not all males spray. My boyfriend's male cat never sprayed urine. I know of several others that don't. None of our rescue cats, even the ones fixed at two years old, etc, have sprayed.

But from what I understand, once they do start and get into the habit it can be hard to break. But then someone here can tell me if I am wrong.

She should give him a chance. Male cats are often such sweeties!! Less moody than females.

The girls may give him a hard time initially -maybe not. Usually, males integrate better than females - if you care to generalize. Just engage in proper intros as detailed here and elsewhere on the Net.

They would also have to sort out the dominance hierarchy. I would bet that the dogs would be on the bottom of the totem pole!

ETA: We have a female right now in rescue... in our storefront... who "preaches" constantly (rubbing the cheesk and lips on everything - making her space.) Granted it's not pee (Thank goodness), but she is marking.
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An intact male is much more likely to mark. Every time you add another cat to the household, you increase the risk of marking. That said - males & females can spray/mark territory. My Molly will spray once in awhile.

Some say it takes 1-2 months for the hormones to get out of their systems after being fixed.

If all your females are fixed, I say bring him in, get him neutered, give him some time to chill out in a room of his own post-neuter for a week or more - then slowly start to introduce him.
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You could also have him neutered now, keep him outside for a couple months (after letting him recover for a couple days) to give the hormones a chance to dissipate, and then bring him in. I think this would be less likely to put your ladies in a tizzy. Bringing a full tom (even recently neutered) into a house with 5 girls (even spayed) might just cause a riot. And I htink he'd be less likely to spray inside after being able to get it out of his system.
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Do he seems to be a territory-dominant tom?
If not, you can probably take him in without big fuss about his maleness.
If he is NOT dominant, he will probably be submissive to the residents. Especielly if he is also shy.* Thus no spraying...

I agree neutered males have no difficulties being friends with females. He could even make the mix-up better, more balanced so to speak.

Some surgeon-work and a vet-check up, and let him into the others as soon the quarentene-time is over.
(you should have a quarantene a couple of weeks, unless your cats are outgoing and they have already meet many times).

Two further examples.
Our studs get cooler almost immediately after neutering. The most striking example was with older one. He was at the end of his carrier beginning to pee and to "teach" his friendly son at every opportunity hissing and slapping. He ended with all this virtually in 36 hours after the visit to the surgeon...

My older brother did once took home to him a homeless kitten, with lighter hurt after a car accident, And Kissen did recover and lived well and happy in many years. No problems.
It was the time before it was common to neuter all cats not supposed to breed. So he was remained whole.
He NEVER sprayed inside. Although he did sprayed when outside.
Bro´s explanation was, he taken in as hurt, felt very submissive in the indoors. He was living there yes but the masters were the people, not he.

*Do observe
If he is NOT shy AND territory dominant, you must neuter him in good time (at least 3 weeks) before you let him met the others. And begin the introduction with the most docile of your female cats...
Otherwise there is a big risk he will beat up your residents...
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Lots of good advice here, Bruce. And really, you're the one in the best position to assess the situation. As everyone else indicated, if he is not fixed, get that done as soon as possible. And take it from there.
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you should get him fixed and then take it from there- in other words give him a chance You guys just have to stick together on this one.

One more thing- get him tested for FIV (the cat AIDS) before you introduce him to your girls.

good luck!

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