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I hve just read your excellent article on FLUTD. It seems to me dry food has a lot to answer for. God programmed the cat to get 85% opf its moisture requirements from prey - how can we expect Him to re-programme the cat because some of us choose to feed only dry food?

I have just come from a site where a male cat has not urinated for 36 hours and the Vet is NOT WORRIED. We are doing all we can to encourage the owner to get to an ER without delay - sent him the site address for your article on FLUTD and others on the same subject but so far he does not seem to be taking any action. It is frightening that there are Vets who apparently do not know the risks of not urinating for such a long time!

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I hope the poster takes heed of the warnings even if the vets do not seem worried. It is very serious when a cat becomes blocked and sometimes horrible consequences arise from it. There is little you can do except arm people with the facts and hope they listen before it is too late.
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