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Cat won't stop pulling out fur

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Some of you know me as the new dad to a recent stray named Big Head, I have his pics on the feral forum, this pic is more fore medical/behavior advice needed.

This is about one of the four other ferals my wife and I rescued. All of these four boys have been to the vet, all neutered and with all shots, none are sick or have any diseases. All these cats made the transition as outside kittens to indoor happy cats.

This one cat named "Batty" bit me back in December putting my in the hospital. Since then he had become more friendly, does not hide anymore and is a big part of our happy family, he even lets us pet him and joins us on the bed for naps, and treats in the evening. None of these cats go outside and none have had any other contact with other cats including Big Head.

In the past two weeks we noticed that Batty is biting out his fur and pulling it out. We found lots of hair around our house and his back is losing his hair. We can see no cuts, we thoroughly cleaned for fleas even though we have seen no evidence of fleas. But Batty continues each night to do it.

THe big problem is that he still will not willingly go into a cage, in fact he still won't let us pick him up. And grabbing him and forcing him to the vet will most certainly traumatize him and set him back months.

Does anyone know what could be wrong? Why is this cat doing this? Is it a huge concern? in all other ways Batty seems great, more relaxed, and happy.

Please any advice would be appreciated.
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He might possibly be having a reaction to a flea bite. It only takes one. Other than that, no idea. But you might want to re-post in the "Cat Health" section of the forum to get more responses.
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My brother and sister-in-law were having these issues with their cat George. I suggested Feliway and he has since stopped over-grooming and his fur is growing back in. It seems it was stress related. I can't guarantee this is your problem but it might help and could at least be a start.
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