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Big head pics

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Its been a while since my last post, but BIG HEAD is still do fine and his head doesn't look so big anymore now that he has been fed regularly everyday. He still has a few bad eye days, but he is on eye cream and lysine.

SO here are some new pics! everyone please comment and better yet please upload your own big headed cats pics! ferals, strays, all our welcome. Who has the biggest head????

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awwww so cute!
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Awww!!! BH is looking sooooooo much better since he found you to take care of him!! Give him scritches and kisses for me!!
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He looks pretty normal to me, and a lover to boot!
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Big Head is so cute! I have a big-head adult cat too named Boss Hoss. I'll post pictures soon. Ironically, I called him Big Head too until I settled upon a more permanent name.

Was Big Head not neutered when you found him? Tom cats have big heads, large jowls, and thick necks in order to protect themselves in fights with other toms when they are about to mate with a female. The thick skin gives them added protection in order to prevent serious wounds, which is great from an evolutionary perspective.

Anyway, I finally neutered my cat two days after adopting him. I swear his head has shrunk down but my friends say that it's impossible.
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well, i never called mine 'Big Head', but it is! here's my boy, Chip [whom i suspect was neutered as an adult!]

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He is so friendly! what a cute cat. Thats a great pic of Chip!

Yes Big Head was foun unaltered as they call it. But someone sure loved him or maybe he loved someone because he is super friendly.
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Originally Posted by 01Boxer View Post
He is so friendly! what a cute cat. Thats a great pic of Chip!
thank you! he's my 'loverboy'
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Glad to hear that Big Head is doing well. I don't have a big head personally, but my friend does. She found him out on the street at the age of 4-5 unneutered and took him in. Now that he's been snipped, he's one of the best cats you could ever ask for.

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Awww......... look at all these lovely big headed cats!

Big Head looks like he's doing great! Bet he's inside once it gets cold out. Does he "flirt" with your wife?

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How sweet! I love BH! Is he married, lol?
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