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I'm noticing...

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a difference from working out!!!!

My clothes are starting to get more loose, and people at work are commenting that I'm starting to show some signs of losing inches. I have NO idea how much I weigh and frankly I could care less. My goal is lower body fat percentage and to lose INCHES.

I'm soooo happy!! I feel so much more confident and I haven't even went down a full dress size yet. Just knowing that my work is paying off and starting to show has made my confidence soar higher, and Craig is even complementing me.

He has been working out with me as well, and he's starting to show some BIG improvements. MmMMmm Yummy. He didn't even have to lose weight, he's just toning his muscles.


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way to go Cassie!!!! I think its wonderful...
I have been fighting over-weight for a long time, and I understand the amazing feeling when you finally see some results!!!
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Woohooo Cassie! Way to go!

Now I need to lose some inches too!
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Since you're getting so good at losing inches, can I send you some of mine and have you lose them for me? PLEASE?!?!

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That is awesome news!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
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Keep up the good work!
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That is fantastic!
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Cass that is so exciting! I've been trying to get into exercise but it's been very challenging.

You're working with a personal trainer right? What kind of regiment does he have you on? At this point I'm just trying to get into the cardio aspect.

WTG girl!!
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WTG Cass!
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Yeah Cass
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Wow, Cassie, Congrats!

i need a good exercise regiment myself. Yechhs! Just getting pretty unmotivated these days...

congrats!! A pat on your back from moi!

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WTG!! Keep up the great work Cass. :girly2:
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Way to go Cass! Congrats!

I wish I would start loosing weight, but as they say...

"I keep trying to loose weight, but it keeps finding me!"
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Excellent job Cass! I wish I had as much motivation as you do!
Would someone kick me in the butt to get me going?
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Thanks Guys!


I am working with a personal trainer, or was rather. I now only meet him like once a month or so. He showed me seven different work out routines. The weight training is mainly to tone muscles rather than gain it (I told him I don't want to be a musclehead, just have a toned body).

The biggest thing they stressed to me was correct posture, and using proper form when working out, this includes weight training AND cardio training. Right now I do 4-5 days a week cardio and 3 days a week on weight training. The very minimum of cardio that I do is 35 minutes but sometimes if I'm feeling good I'll do 45 minutes.

Believe it or not, my cardio is SOOOOO easy, and rarely leaves me out of breath. It is geared to work my legs, hips, and butt and the first day I did it I was sooo sore afterward, but no longer. I basically just walk on the treadmill at a steep uphill incline. The trick is to take long steps. Sort of like lunging but not quite THAT long.

The most results are seen in my hips and butt, and most of it is because I'm doing that walk. It keeps my heartrate up, I sweat, but I am rarely out of breath. I looooove it. Makes cardio much more enjoyable and I'm not like "UGH" when I think of it.

I do abs, pushups, bicep curl, tricep extension, legpress, hip adduction and hip abduction, fly, and benchpress mostly. My cardio works my legs a lot so I focus most weight training on upper body and abs.

I enjoy my work outs and feel fantastic afterward. It's getting easier and easier to make it a habit.
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Great Job Cass!

Have you seen the new commercial for Gold's Gym (I think it was Gold's Gym) anyway...The commercial shows a picture a day of the same person dring a month of working out. She stands in the same pose each day. Over the course of 30 days you can really see a difference in her body.
If you have a digital camera, wouldn't that be cool to take pics of yourself as you go


Congrats again and keep up the good work!!!

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Congratulations, Cass! It is so hard to stick with a workout routine. The results are so worth it.
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