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Sunday!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate that particular holiday.

Sunny but very chilly here this morning. Suppose to warm up this afternoon though, can't wait..

Busy day ahead for me, have a Christening service to attend a 11 A.M. then a buffet lunch afterwards. Should be nice though get to see some of those relatives you only see at weddings, funerals etc....

Should be done that about 3 then home to finish up a few chores I have been putting off...

Feel more energetic since it a bright day

Kitties are good, getting underfoot this morning as they usually do when I trying to get stuff together for a day trip.

Everyone have a great day
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We are heading to a restaurant in Ft Worth called Blue Mesa Grill for a Southwestern style Easter brunch. I can hardly wait!!!! Migas, enchiladas, guacamole....oh...the choices are endless!!!! All accompanied by CHAMPAGNE (dh gets to drive!)

Can you tell I'm excited? (I DON'T HAVE TO COOK!!!!)

Happy Easter everyone!
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Seems like we're going to have a very nice Easter. It's already in the 60's and sunny outside. Tre has had exclusive use of my lap all morning. Thufir is asleep in my recliner and I can't even see his head. Promise and Tiny are snuggled up together on the bed.

I'm going to go visit my parents this afternoon for an Easter/birthday dinner. We'll be grilling steaks, plus baked potatoes and salads. That will be nice, and it will also be nice to avoid restaurants with all the crowds today. I imagine lots of folks will be out eating all of the things they gave up over Lent.
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Happy Easter!
Cold (36 °F), breezy and sunny here. It's supposed to get all the way up to 49. Not spring weather yet!

I have a raspberry pie in the oven, and a blueberry pie waiting to be baked. I'm having Easter dinner at my parents' house. We don't really need two pies, but I want to use my double pie basket that I won on e-Bay, lol!

Just put in my second batch of laundry. I don't know what possesed me to do most of my cleaning yesterday. It feels nice to be able to relax, instead of spending my Sunday doing all the necessary stuff to get ready for next week!
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I just woke up. It was nice to sleep in.

Soon, I have to get ready because we are going to visit my mom and sister today. For dinner, we are going to my aunts house.
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1. Clean House
2. Bake Cake
3. Make mashed potatoes
4. Play with adorable kitten
5. Eat ham

A few people are coming over for Easter dinner so I have to clean up some more before they get here.
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Happy Easter!

It's a sunny, but chilly morning here, but it's starting to warm up. We were supposed to go to DH's cousin's house for Easter dinner at 2:00 but I woke up yesterday with a sore throat then started coughing and coughed all night so I think I'm getting bronchitis. I took cough syrup and I'm waiting for that to kick in, but I don't think I'm going to make that dinner.

But MIL is having dinner at 6:00 so I'll go there since it's just up the road. I still have to make my spinach salad though. I made the boiled dressing and the eggs last night, I just have to clean the spinach and throw it all together.

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning and Happy Easter to everyone!!!
I got up at 10, amazing that the cats even let me sleep in that long. They are usually pawing at me around 4 for their breakfast, then only let me sleep until 7 or 8.
Today is supposed to be in the 60's here. Not sure if it's gotten that nice yet.
Will certainly be checking that out.
Other then that, no big plans for us. We are not used to having Easter off together. I usually have to work, but since I quit the horror job 8 months ago, it's been like a fairy tale. Hardly any stress, all Sundays off, I DID have a set schedule but well, when you have 2 mgrs that are stupid, someone else has to pay for their stupidity also, and well that's me. I used to work mornings, and that was fantastic!!! But this last week, I've worked mostly mid shifts, and next week I close... I just wish people would get their heads out of their and deal with their jobs like they are paid to do..
But that's a whole other story in it self!!!

Have a great Holiday and Enjoy the sunshine!!!
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I went to church this morning. I'm going in a little bit to my aunt's house for dinner then its back to church tonight.

Everyone have a wonderful and Blessed Easter!!!
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Lets see.....Easter Sunday

ORIGINAL PLANS(made in Feb.)
Go to Sunrise service at six this morning, eat breakfast afterward at church, leave and drive three hours to Nashville. Have lunch with friends there and check out their church where we're doing a wedding for their neice in June. Find hotel and spend the night, spending some time with my favorite aunt and uncle either early evening or morning, drive home Monday.

SECONDARY PLANS(made Friday) same as before, except cut short afternoon with friends, spend a bit of time with aunt and uncle before driving home Sunday evening because hub booked a lunch delivery Monday.

I went to sunrise service alone, ate breakfast, came home and texted my friends and aunt that we weren't going to make it up there because hub is either coming down with something or the rough past few days have caught up with him and he's exhausted. At any rate, I'm spending the day parked on the couch with the laptop, lol!
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Overcast and drizzly, as usual for Portland. Hovering in the low to mid 50's.

I got up around 8:30, mostly because JoJo was wailing in my ear and Jack was batting at my toes. Coffee, a little cleaning, some cutting out of fabric for two projects (one I'm getting paid for, the other for me), and will be putting the lamb in the oven in about an hour. I'll do some editing of the novel, maybe some sewing... then eat dinner and relax.

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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post

Busy day ahead for me, have a Christening service to attend a 11 A.M. then a buffet lunch afterwards. Should be nice though get to see some of those relatives you only see at weddings, funerals etc....
Got home a little early from the Christening so am going to putter at the computer for a bit before I start my laundry.

Was a very nice ceremony and am happy to say all 4 of the little ones being baptized were very well behaved...
The buffet was awesome I am so stuffed it's no wonder I can't get my work started.
It was nice visiting with all my relatives but have to say some of them I couldn't take more then once every few years.

All round it was a very nice celebration
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Well another crummy night sleping-must be the cold medicine that keeps me awake.

No I skipped church as I'm sure people don't want to here me coughing. Made eggs and sausage for breakfast but not too hungry.

Actually at SIL's posting posting while cards are being played-I don't want to go outside even though its sunny but its a bit windy.

Experiment for the day-put a peep in the microwave for 8 seconds-puffed up nicely!!
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We went to church this morning, then came home, had a nap. Then I made some beef stew..overhauled the litterbox, did my nails..thats about it!
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Absolutely nothing.. just me & the cats sitting around today. Thrilling, I know.. I really need to tone down this wild lifestyle.
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Sunday was basically clean up day from our housewarming. Slept in til about 10am, then cleaned some stuff up, and picked up our free ham from BiLo. Cooked that for Rob, me, and his parents (since mine left for their house at 9am and never told us they were leaving!), then worked on a 1000 piece cat puzzle his mom had gotten me awhile ago and gave to me at the housewarming.
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