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The cat that eats almost anything

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Hi to you all,
I have had cats for many years and to be honest they are quite fussy eaters,but will also enjoy tit bits like cheese and so on every now and again.
We now have a 8-9 month old kitten and to be honest, he eats anything. off ther top of my head his favouites would be
Chips(French fries but thicker)
Crisps(chips i think)
Chocolate(in all shapes)
Mushy peas(nothern english thing)
Pizza(not fussed)
Should i be worried or will he grow out of this?

As you can see a real evil look
The ginger ninja
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Please, Please, do not give your cats chocolate! It can make them very sick and possibly kill them!

As for cats eating odd things, Boo (the black and white kit in my sig) eats curry!
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Fluffy eats anything under the sun too, but I never let her have chocolate....this can paralize them or kill them,....I think it is the same with all animals, because a while back, when I lived with my parents, my dh had gotten me a box of chocolates for Valentines day..I had left them sitting on my end table in my bedroom, and my chocolate lab had gotten into them..(my fault for leaving them where he could reach them) but he almost paralized him..he couldn't move for days...luckily we had a ver that lived across the street and he gave him some type of med and Rusty(my dog) eventually got over it...it is scary...my cats vet tells me it is ok if Rock and Fluff eat small table scraps as long as their main nutrition source comes from their cat food....
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Yea, Isis will eat anything and everything so far. But she doesn't get chocolate (it's funny that people are one of the few mammals that can eat chocolate without instant harm) and she gets very very very little tuna since she's just a kitten (canned tuna isn't good for kittens). Right now we just give her fingertip sizes of some food when she begs. So far she's eaten pizza crust, sugar cookie, nan, chicken of all flavors, hamburger, tuna, bread, spaghetti, cheesy shell, and potatoes. Oh, and I won't let her try anything that involves onions either. Another no no.
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Well let's see... My cats (on whole) eat:
~ Spagetti
~ Uncooked beef ((Vagabond got it when I answered the phone and was packing it))
~ Nacho Cheese Chips
~ Cheese of any form ((Hobo has licked it off my spagetti a few times))
~ Coffee ((don't ask me, but Vagabond loves the stuff when it's not too hot)).
~ Horse radish
~ Mayo
~ Tomato Soup
~ Litter ((the kittens munch on it for some reason. Don't worry is unscented clay)).
~ Popcorn
~ Milk ((Vagabond dips her paw into my glass when I'm not looking. She only has a tiny bit every now and then.))
~ Potatoes
~ Orages
~ ... and last but not least, anything that I may have in my hands that remotley looks like food.

I find it kind of funny really.

Hope that helps ((and if any of these things shouldn't be eated by a cat, please tell me.))

~ Salem
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I do everything I can to keep my kitties away from people food. When the kittens go to their new homes I don't want them to steal from the table. They need to know their food is for them and our food is not.
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It's nice to know that I am not the only one with a feline dustbin, though i am now banishing chocolate from his stealing list! As i did not realise it was so harmful for him
Anyway some more foodstuffs that he enjoys
Mayo(oohh yes)
Bread (we had to buy a sealable bread bin)
Soup(not fussy with varity)
Brerakfast ceral (again not fussy)
Chinese food

Anyway thanks again
the Ginger ninja
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Awww, with a face like that, I would let him eat anything he wants too.

Bailey never gets people food. One thief is enough in the house.

Sam loves mayo, blue cheese dressing, tartar sauce on his fish and chips, curry, falafel, spicy chicken wings, mcdonald's fries, Wendy's burgers, any kind of cheese, anything from taco bell.....

Wait a minute, that kinds of sounds like I have a very unhealthy diet too!
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Missy turns her nose up at almost EVERYTHING! And Spike??? He turns down NOTHING!!! And I mean NOTHING!! When I first recued him, he became critically ill the next day. The wonderful Vet saved his life (along with my cat rescue friends). Before I got him up to the Vets, he had thrown up woodchips!!!! So, he is like a little toddler--EVERYTHING goes into that mouth of his!!! YIKES!
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Aww! He is so cute! The last pic looks my Fred before he go so old and scruffy.
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so we all agree, all cat's love Mayo...

~ Salem
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