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My Nephew

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His name is Joel. He's about two months old now. His grandma keeps sending me picture to taunt me. My brother sent me a video of him crying because his mama wasn't holding him. I told him to bring him home so his Aunt Krysta could hold him!!

He has little dimples!! (I guess he got those from his mama, because his dad, my brother doesn't have dimples)

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Oh my heart He is so handsome, that first pic, that hair
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Oh my lord, bless his little heart! And look at that hair! It's hard to believe he's only 2 months old!
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Oh gosh, those precious little dimples.. and that HAIR.. soooo cute! I have a feeling he'll never have to worry about going bald!

Hope you get to give him cuddles & hugs soon!
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Wow, he is adorable! Look at all that hair!
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Wow he has got heaps of hair! He's very sweet!
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That is one gorgous baby
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Oh my what a beautiful little boy, all that gorgeous hair! I want to pick him off the screen for a cuddle hehe.
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