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Separation Anxiety and other stress

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When we first got Avalon, she was separated from her identical twin sister. My husband's brother's GF has a mommy cat who just had a litter and was giving the kittens away. There were only two left. They both were identical twins. My husband's brother and his GF brought both kitties over so we can pick and choose and I chose the cuter one. They took the other one back. Now this is when the kitties were already three months old.

I can see here that gave plenty of time for those twins to bond and do things together like being playful. Right after my husband's brother and the GF left, Avalon was crying and she was like that for two or three days. She then started being playful.

Then we got Sanjay the canary and that just made Avalon excited since male canaries whistle and Avalon wanted to prey on her. We wanted to keep her away from Sanjay and then we were told they have to be introduced so that is what we are doing. We got SSSCAT that is a motion detector that sprays on the cat if she gets too close and we also got a herbal spray to stay out of that area. Now it seems that she knows to stay away from the birdcage.

Then the Vet the other day; she had her temp taken the other day and she didn't like it. They gave her shots and she didn't like those either. She never likes car rides since she always cries in the car. I never have trouble getting her in the carrier though. When we got home that day, she was throwing up and I was very worried and they told me not to since those were just side effects. She slept most of that day and yesterday. I was not to give her more food that day. They said she was just stressed from the doctor visit.

Avalon has been through a lot.
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Just give her time. It takes longer for some cats to adjust to a new home than others. The fact that she stopped crying and started playing is a good sign.

I have YET to have a cat that actually enjoys a car ride in their carrier. Half of mine, you would think that I was killing them from the way they carry on. But, it has to be done. I just talk to them a lot and try to calm them down but most of the times it doesn't work.

I think Avalon and Sanjay will get along fine. Cat's seem to understand the difference between "prey" and "family". Especially with her being that young you are teaching her that is NOT dinner. I once had 5 cats and a bunny living inside and they got along great. But, I agree, don't leave them alone together for any period of time.
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