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Urinary problem

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I have a vet on this; I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their cat. My cat is 9 and has a problem with uncontrolled urination. It seems like he's always "leaking" just a little. Whenever he gets up from a pillow or anywhere, there is a small wet spot of urine. Sometimes even from just sitting in one place on the floor. I called his vet (I have a vet that makes house calls) and she told me that she thinks it's probably a bladder infection. She sent me some antibiotic liquid and I have been giving it to him each day. After 2 weeks of the antibiotics it's still happening. I'm getting ready to call the vet again, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their pet. There are no other symptoms. He is fully active and playful and purrs and loves just like always. I don't even think he knows about the "leaking" problem. Has anyone else had this symptom?
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In the best interest of your kitty, please, take him to a very good vet hospital as soon as possible. He needs a thorough physical exam, complete blood work, X-ray and urinalysis to start with. Possibly an ultrasound as well. Incontinence has several underlying causes, the exact cause in your kitty's case will have to be determined. Please, don't wait with this.

And, please, under no circumstances continue to rely on a vet who sends you medication without actually examining and testing your cat. This is the kind of approach you should never ever accept and go along with.
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OK thanks. I will on Monday.
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The vet I took him to today did a blood test, urine test and sonogram. We won't know the results of the urine or thyroid tests until tomorrow, but she suspects it is a bladder infection, that the clavamox didn't counquer. She's prescribing another antibiotic that is in pill form only. I know the standard technique, force mouth open, drop in pill, massage neck. Not looking forward to this because he's extremely resistant to taking anything or being controlled in any way. He fights back like a wild animal in a life-and-death struggle. Any suggestions?
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I use a pill gun - you can get one from your vet. This works consistently for me:

Have the pill ready to administer. Kneel on the ground with your ankles crossed under your behind. Place the cat between your thighs with their head facing away from you. Don't squeeze the cat between your thighs (you don't want to hurt them), but hold them close enough that they can't wiggle out back or side to side.

Assuming you are right handed: With the pill gun in your right hand, put the palm of your left hand on top of their head with your fingers on one side of their mouth and thumb on the other side. Open their mouths and insert the pill gun on an angle from the right into the back of their throat. Drop the pill gun and place your right hand gently on their neck, holding their head up. Stroke their neck if they are being stubborn about swallowing. I usually kiss the top of their head at this point and tell them what a good cat they are. Make sure they have swallowed. Give them a treat if they like them.

This holds the cat tight enough that they can't escape. You are also somewhat sneaking up on them by holding their mouth open from the top and inserting the pill from an angle. They often don't know what hit them until it is over.
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Originally posted by Bob Weaver
Not looking forward to this because he's extremely resistant to taking anything or being controlled in any way. He fights back like a wild animal in a life-and-death struggle. Any suggestions?
He sounds like my Abby. With her I have to use every trick in the book to avoid the kind of situation you describe. Here are a few things I find very helpful:

Preparing the pill ahead of time. I put it out on a saucer and cover it with a napkin so it's protected from light and I can get to it without making any noise. (When you have to pill a cat he quickly recognizes the sounds you make when you open the bottle or handle foil wrap or whatever, and he starts listening for those sounds and watching your every move to make sure he'll be well prepared to fight you when you approach him with the pill. So you have to make him think nothing is going on, he won't be getting a pill.)

I have soft butter ready (covered again in such a way that I don't have to make any noise when I'm ready to use it) for coating the pill to make it slide down easily.

Then I wait. Pills go down easier when a cat is washing hismelf, so that can be one good opportunity. Waiting until a cat is very sleepy is another pretty good opportunity.

When I approach the cat with the pill I move slowly and quietly and I do it from the side or from behind. Facing a suspicious cat (that has his mind made up that he won't be pilled no matter what) with a pill is the perfect setup for a fight and a losing battle.

I never fight or chase, if things don't go well I give up quickly then try again a little later.
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I think the butter makes the difference! I just gop it on and it slides down so much easier. I won't say Kody doesn't fight, but it does go down.
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. You're not going to believe this, but the cat ate the pill, just like it was a piece of cat food! I was getting ready to give it to him, but he started sniffing at it excitedly, so I let him smell it, and he started licking it. So I dropped it on my pant leg and he just ate it like it was a dry cat treat. I was amazed. Today he did it again, so it was not just a one-time thing. The drug is Baytril, which is light brown in color. They must put something in it that makes it appeal to cats. It smells a little vitamin-like but not really like cat food. At any rate, I'm extremely relieved that I don't have to go through the ordeal of forcing a pill into him. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. My cat thanks you too. Here's a picture of him.

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I love that Kitty
I use Cheddar cheese and wrap and small piece around it.
I have pill gun too but I have not had to give meds. since I purchased
it. What a good kitty you have!!!
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You are lucky.
Coco spits her baytril in my face all the time.
The Baytril is beef flavored.
Is the pill Baytril taste tabs 22.7mg(500)?
My cat will not even take pill pockets anymore because she once bit into a Baytril pill.
How long will he be on the med?
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