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Saturday!! What are your plans?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and about 4 here this morning so hopefully it is shaping up to be a nice day.

Have a few errands to run today, then later I am going to do some baking for and event I am attending tomorrow..

A little tired today as I didn't sleep all that well last night. One of those to many dreams types of nights when you wake up every half hour.

The kitties are good, all sitting in the window watching the neighbors dog acting silly.

Everyone have a great day
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It's kind of cool out today, only 50 right now. We are going to take the hot rod over to Canton, TX, to meet up with some friends. Bundle up! Going 60 mph in an open car will explain all you need to know about the concept of "wind chill factor."

We've also learned the value of the "lap robe," something that was popular in the 1920's but has almost disappeared from the vocabulary since all cars are enclosed, these days.
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It's raining pretty hard here today but supposed to stop later with some sun. I am spending most of my day packing boxes since I will be moving by the end of the month. I won't get the key to the new place until next Tuesday so can start moving these boxes in there. Moving is the biggest pain ever that's why I haven't moved in 13 years. Have a good day all.
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Looks like it's going to be a nice day today. Going to work on packing and getting the house ready for the realtor to see (sigh) Need to clean up the yard but inside is more important. My ^(*&#& stupid neighbors are throwing all their yard garbage into my yard and their kid is taunting my dogs so I'm not in the very best of moods. What I'd really like to do is go for a hike..sigh..
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Dreary and chilly today. Just running a few errands, picking up a book from the library, grocery shopping. Possibly going to a friend's house tonight, but most likely staying home and watching movies.
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Still cool but will probably be a very nice day.

Have to get brackets to mount a window shelf for plants (yay plants), hopefully can paint the rest of the cat tree parts today (involves getting the neighbor to let me get them out of the basement. Grr.) Also need groceries, would like to get the dog to the dog run, my roommate wants to do laundry and she has homework to do, and I'd like to continue work on my ren faire costume!
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Looks like a nice, sunny day. I was told by a friend of mine that I have a surprise coming today....Wondering what that'll be...Will keep you all updated

Nothing special planned today...Still having pain from the root canal on Thurs. so I'm just taking it easy.
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It's a bit overcast here as well, but not too bad. The high will be around 60, so it's still warm enough to leave the windows open for the kitties. Supposed to get down into the 30's tonight, so I'll definitely be closing them before bed.

Not much planned today. I'm going to be doing work on the computer all day, which means the cats will be taking turns keeping my lap warm. Promise is here right now and the others are napping. It will be warm weather soon and the cats won't want to sit on my lap, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
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good morning, all!

I got up fairly early today and did some cleaning... will continue a bit more, then go pick up one friend, go to the farmer's market in downtown Portland, then to a meeting of our club. The friend who's hosting the meeting today and myself plan on shaking things up today... we're both announcing we're running for president of the group (votes determine prez and VP)... that way, we'll shake things up and hopefully get some things going... as it is, the group is dying a slow and very painful death. We're willing to jumpstart it. The current prez is doing no-thing. He's too chicken. All he needs are feathers. Then I'll drop the first friend back off at home and continue my day... relaxing most likely at that point.

Then I get to play tomorrow...

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not much.... into a huge fight...feel pretty leg hurts terribly...tired from not sleeping because of said leg pain...

but I do have to play a service tonight and that usually cheers me up.
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Posting late as I filled in at work today from about 5:45 until noon. Came home read the newspapers and took a nap!

My cold is still progressing so I took some cold meds and lots of throat lozenges to work.

Not overly hungry as I can't taste much anyhow. Hopefully over the worst and with a good nights sleep I'll be better tomorrow.

But at work I see I'm down for 4 days next week (good $ for vet bills!) and the lady who I work with on Mon and Tues well they are cutting her hours back asked me to pick up one of her days instead so I'll be three days/week unless landscaping jobs pick up and then I have some flexibility with the high school/college co-workers to pick some of then up.

Integration of "Buddy" who we are re-naming "Bender" because of his tail, is going well except he wants to go outside really bad! He does get the hissing and swatting from the rest but overall ok.

Have a good rest of the day!
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Was on the cool side but sunny all day. Did the major shopping errands - groceries, hardware, vet medications, cat food. Then came home and cleaned up some of the gardens that I neglected last year. We're fighting the dump truck worth of rocks that the previous owner left in our front yard for the rest of the year, but we will get them hauled out of our front yard. When the rocks are gone, I can plant flower beds.
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