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My mom just got a kitten...

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Everyone loves little kitten pictures, so I thought I'd share some. My mom just had a birthday, so her bf got her a little baby kitten. It's a girl (At least we think. ), and she's all black with a bit of white on her chest. She's only 6 weeks old, and she is SO tiny. (I know it's too early to be away from mom-cat, but I have no say in it.) My mom decided to name her Casper.

She is VERY hard to get a good photo of. Moving about, never sitting still. And every picture looks pretty much like a black smudge. She's adorable though. And Spike looks ENORMOUS now, after having played with Casper.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

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OMG what a cute little baby!!!! I just want to give her kisses!!!
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She's a sweet little ball of fuzz. Actually, if the people were giving the kittens away too early at least someone who knows something got one. You can help your Mom. I once got a kitten at 4 weeks (I was 10 and didn't know any better) and my Mom had to teach it how to eat and drink and she lived to 19 years. Toes stayed with his Mom for 10 weeks (I wish it could have been a little longer, but that house was not a place for cats) and Tailer was with hers for 5 months!
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Luckily, Casper is eating solid food and eliminating on her own. At least that part will be easy on my Mom. I told her to call me with any questions... I have the best forum to ask questions to if needed.
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Very adorable, reminds me alot of Jade when she was that size.. Get that kitty a laser pointer
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Casper is such a perfect name! I couldn't have come up with a better one. kittens are so precious!
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Ohh my goodness!! What a little sweetie!!! Congrats on yalls new kitty!!
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What a little sweet angel!! Thanks for sharing the pix.

Thanks for sharing the pix, Jenn!!! You are such a sweetheart yourself!

Smiles and cheers!
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Little Casper is the cutest smudge I've ever seen!!
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What a cutie!! *sigh* I miss when Trent was just a little black smudge. Black cats are hard to get good photos of when they are sitting still, so she has to be extra double hard! LOL

She is so tiny, what a beauty though.
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She is so cute, makes me want a kitten again. Neither of my cats were quite that small when I got them.

I love the pic where it looks like she's sleeping in your mom's hands.
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww how cute!!!!!!!!!!
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You know how people have "Baby Fever"? I've got Kitty Fever! Casper is so cute! Those eyes are magical!
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Casper is so sweet... she fits in one of my hands. When I picked her up, her sharp little nails dug right into me... my hand is scratched up pretty well, but it was worth it. Her meow doesn't sounds like a real meow yet... its more like a tweet!
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Casper is absolutely precious!!!!

Now I'm getting jealous!!!!!! I used to have an all black kitty, but she's an angel now!
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Brenda - the funny thing is... Casper will be playing in my mom's hands, rolling over and such to have her belly rubbed, and then out of nowhere, just fall asleep! It's so cute. :

I'm going to have to show my mom this thread next time she visits me... she'll love to see how famous her little smudge is.
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OMG he is SO cute!!!!!
Someday I want an all black cat, they are so beautyful!
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What a cute kitty! Next time you go visit Casper, I want to come too!!!

And was that Jill I saw??? Hey, whazup?
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Yeah Jamie, it's me! I'm hoping to take Marshmallow in once Josh and I move into our new apartment. Wait until you meet Casper... she's so wonderful!
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Just thought I'd post a quick update. Casper just had his first checkup at the vet's. My mom found out that she, is really a he. He weighed 1.8 pounds - he's so small, but is healthy. I didn't go with my mom, but she did say the vet said he only looks about 6 weeks now, which would mean he was only like 3.5 - 4 weeks old when she got him. Luckily, everything's been okay with him, or I would have been frantically posting here and spending time at the vet's. Next time I go to visit my mom, I'll be sure to get more Casper pictures.
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