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No Scratch Spray

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I was surprised I didn't find much when I searched for information on this.

Has anyone had any success using any of the anti-scratching sprays meant to stop cats from scratching the furniture?

We are moving and bought new (used) furniture that is microfibe. I have a feeling it won't hold up well to the cats' claws, as it seems quite thin, especially at the back (one of the girls' favourite places to scratch). They have scratching posts, cat trees, cardboard scratchers, etc, but still like to scratch the furniture we have now. I think part of it might be the fabric and style we currently have...it seems very attractive to them. I never really liked the furniture either, so I haven't been overly consistent or persistent about training them not to scratch it. Plus, recently, we haven't been trimming the nails as well as we should.

I think some strategic placement of scratchers in the new apartment and better claw trimming/training on my part should help solve the problem a bit, but I was thinking of just using the spray as an extra measure before we even bring the cats into the new apartment.

Also, if anyone uses it (or knows about chemicials), I plan to put a coat of scotch guard on the furniture as well. Is it OK to have both substances applied at the same time? (as long as the scotch guard is dried before applying the no-scratch spray)
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We have a microfiber sofa and Lola has only scratched on it a couple times (each time we redirected her to a scratching post). I almost bought the ScratchNot tape from Target. But since she's left the sofa alone, it's not a big deal. We've never used any sprays on our sofa. We paid for the extra warranty/stain prevention treatment, so using anything else on it might void that.
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I just bought no scratch spay too. Don't know if it will work yet.
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I bought some new furniture about a year ago. The chair has a fabric that has a texture that I was pretty sure would look like good scratching material to the kitties. In what I can only call an outrageous case of wishful thinking I got it anyway, hoping they wouldn't use it as a scratching post. Well, Jeta thought it was just the best scratching post ever! It's a tough fabric but the way she was going at it, it was going to be in shreds in no time.

I tried the sticky tape. It worked but I didn't like having tape stuck all over the chair but if I took it off she would just start scratching at it again.

I decided to try the No Scratch. I've never had much luck with "herbal" solutions to kitty behavior problems but I was desperate. I sprayed the chair and was shocked that Jeta *instantly* stopped scratching on it! For the first couple of weeks I refreshed (resprayed) the chair once week but now I just respray it when Jeta starts showing an interest in it again. That is happening less and less often. Once every couple of months at most.

My chair has Scotch Guard (actually another brand though). I don't see any problem with it.

From what I've read online there is a good chance it *won't* work for a given cat but considering how easy a solution it is I'd say it is well worth a try.
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