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Off to Vancouver in a month! Suggestions?

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We've just booked our flights to Vancouver!

Our US work visas expire soon, so we need to leave the country to apply for new ones at a US consulate (and yes, we have to leave the country to do it!). So we're going to Vancouver next month to sort it out since it's the closest foreign city. I'm very excited, Vancouver looks cool!

We've got about 5 days there, and are going to Victoria for a day since hubby's cousin lives there, and will have the good chunk of one day sorting out our visas. There seems like HEAPS to do in Vancouver.

Does anyone have recommendations on the things we HAVE to do?
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Fran, (Rapunzel) lives in BC but I believe she lives on the island. She would know some great places to visit I bet.
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Well, if you're going sightseeing in Victoria, the must see things are Butchart Gardens, Butterfly Gardens, Government House Gardens and Craigdarroch Castle.
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So you're going to visit Lotus Land, eh? May can be pretty nice here. Don't know what kind of activities you're into, but if you can give me an idea of your interests, I can probably give you some pointers. I am in Vancouver -- some family still on the Island, but we're well rooted in the Lower Mainland.
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Ah, Vancouver! Love it there - sooo beautiful! Someone already suggested Butchart Gardens! That get's a big YES from me. That is on the island.

There is that huge city park in Vancouver - the name escapes me, and an "old town" ... also the name escapes me. Like SF, there is a China town. Haven't been in about 12 years.

I'm jealous, I would love to go back.
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Oh gosh, you can visit SwampWitch, too!
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Vancouver is a lovely city, and you will have a great time!
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One day in Victoria is not much, I'd personally stay away from the tourist places... our favorite place for a day trip is Botanical Beach, it is an almost surreal place. It is SOOO beautiful and there are all these amazing sea creatures there. (It is protected in that you can't touch things but you can walk way out, especially in low tide, and see some amazing critters!) It's also a beautiful walk through the mist to get down to the beach.

Give me a shout if you have time to meet up in Victoria, that would be great!
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Make sure to take some to share when you get back!
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Stay on the island longer than a day. You must visit the museum and go to Buchart Gardens. Victoria is so charming and lovely! Spend less time in Vancouver and more time in Victoria!
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We have to be in Vancouver on Monday for our appointment, and we need to pick up our passport and visas on Wednesday probably so only have limited time.

We should have a meetup
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What are your dates, Sarah?
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Arrive May 2, leave May 7.
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