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I have such a smart horse!

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We have two sets of latches on the double gates to our pasture. We have a bar and a latch that is set on the outside, and once you step into the pasture, instead of reaching over and killing your arm, we have another latch on the inside.

Racer, my Mustang-cross has been getting sneaky- he has learned he can reach his head over the gate, nudge the bar over to the right, then lift the latch with his nose by flipping his head. He will then back up and contemplate the latch on the inside, (it is different) then work it with his nose and head until it comes undone and he is FREE out in the backyard!

Damn he is smart! Mike put a padlock on it today, and when Racer tried to get out the normal way, he got thwarted. So he leaned way over and checked out the padlock, picked it up in his teeth and whammed it down, picked it up, whammed it down! LOL Thank God it held. Then he got really frustrated and tried to head butt the lock from the strangest angle, but it held. LOL The goof- like I need this fat butterball on green grass right now! When he goes out on the grass he has his grazing halter on- talk about frustrated!
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They learn too fast!
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Racer is one smart horse!!
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awww...He does sound like a smart horse....
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Oh Hissy! Don't mean to laugh, but the image I've got floating in my head with this horse banging on that lock just cracks me up!
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Talk about banging your head against the wall, er gate, in frustration. That is a rather funny mental image. He is pretty smart, as much as I love them, I never thought horses were good problem solvers.
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Oh, i love horses, Mary Anne!

My friend, Doris, has two Arabian horses. She participates in horse shows. At the last cat show, she shared neat pix of her horses, etc.


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