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Babys cluckies!

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No I am not pregnant!
I went to a baby shower last weekend and had a ball, several of my friends have now had children or are about to and its just so much fun looking at baby things and buying stuff for them!
But tell me... do babies really smell that bad? I know everyone has different parenting skills but there were three children there, and two of them looked very clean, and then there was this one it looked clean too until i decided to hold it and it screamed on the top of its lungs when the mum left and it just reeked! ( i would much rather stick my head in the kitty litter box) this baby had an older brother, and the father just treated them very wrongly.

ANYWAYYY long story short if all babies smell, and i managed to blow up a baby dummy lungs and head off during CPR training does this mean I'm not supposed to be a mother yet?

ANyone else clucky?
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I love how babies smell, but they do have to be changed and kept clean. Babies have a sweet sweet smell
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Babies usually smell really good, unless they are not kept clean. That includes changing diapers, bathing and making sure you get formula or mom's milk if it dribbled down the chin.... out of the folds around the neck.
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If the baby doesn't smell gorgeous then the mother has neglected to do something!

You'll be a great mum
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I didn't really like babies until I saw the pic of Miss Mews, Ava and Emy4cats Jaiden! WOW they are both gorgeous
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If the baby is drinking milk, yes the sour smell from milk in its mouth does smell. As well as the other end. However, if the baby is cleaned up, they smell pretty
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I love how babies smell, but they do have to be changed and kept clean. Babies have a sweet sweet smell
If they are kept clean they smell wonderful
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