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What should i look when choosing dry food?

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Hi everyone, this is the first time i have a kitten in my house that's why i have almost no experience choosing cat food. I live in brazil and we dont have such a broad selection of brands to choose from. My vet recommended royal canin, which after doing some research at this web site, i came to the conclusion to be a better food when compared to iams, purina or hills. However, we also have some local brands (which claim to offer premium food) that i m trying to do some research on my own; the ingredients label seem to look EXTREMELY similar in all of them, so i wonder if u could give me some tips about which ingredients to avoid and those really necessary for a balanced cat diet. thks!!!
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ust the tool bar under the name of the thread and use the search function you will likely get overwhelmed , ask away ...

most stay away from by products as in COMMERCIAL foods this is similar to mystery meat at the school cafeteria ... some stay away from all grains others just limit the types or amounts... artificial colors , flavors and chemical preservatives are NO in my book

Welcome to TCS
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Hi there - I am from Brasil, and I get what you are saying... Royal Canin in there used to be (when I was still living in there years ago) one of the best choices, if not the best. What are the other foods? Can you post the ingredients? Don't worry in translating - I can help you in Portuguese .
Any questions you can PM me too - where are you? I was born in Fortaleza, and raised in Brasilia...
Congrats on the new kitty! Ah, another thing: I know it is not really the norm in there to get the kittens neutered or spayed, but please do so when the time comes (4 months or so) - it will save you a lot of headaches, and can potentially prevent quite a few diseases in the kitty.
Good luck!!!
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As far as the ingredients goes, this one looks pretty good to me - the only grain is Brown rice, and there are no by-products or artificial coloring or preservatives. The main protein is chicken meal and chicken...
The price is a bit too much in my opinion, but I was also surprised to see how EXPENSIVE pet food is there! WOW! It is much more than here!
Guabi Racao Para Gatos em Crescimento Drogarias Araujo have a decent price, for what I can see... Check if this brand has had a recall in the past, and if not, it does sounds quite good. Very clean formula, low grains, no nasties, etc.
I could not find the ingredients for the brand "Equilibrio" - if you do find it, can you post?
Something I forgot to mention: when changing your kitty's diet, do it slowly - gradually, so he doesn't develop diarrhea. Mix a little more of the new diet with a little less of the old one in the course of two weeks. Let me know if you rather speak in Portuguese!
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Thks vm for the prompt response!!! i ll try to translate the ingredients of some labels and i ll post it here!!!

thks again
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