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~~~ Cute Kitty Pics Here ~~~

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I was going thru some of my pictures and came across these.
This is Berkley (the white kitty) and Sasha (the bengal) on the day that Sasha came home from the vet from being neutered.
Berkley had become his "adoptive" mother and he thought she was his new mommy too. They crawled on the pillow together and I covered them up and they actually stayed there while Sasha slept off his medication from surgery.
Then they got together and fell asleep cuddled together in a hug.


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Those are so sweet!
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Those are Caption This Material!
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Those photos are just too cute!
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Yes, yes! Submit the hug to the Caption This forum! It's wayyyy to cute to leave out!
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Oh my Goodness. That is soooooo sweeeet! Two of my boys are just like that. Drew and Jake hug like that and always always snuggle and sleep together. Bastion will only snuggle with either of them now and then and only on his time. He is quite aloof to everyone except me.

He's a momma's baby.

I would loooove to see more pictures. Sasha and Berkley are absolutely beautiful and look so sweet together. Are they best buds?
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aww that second pic almost made me cry! That is too adorable for words. You can just barely hear Sasha saying "owie" and Berkely, being the understanding girl she is, telling him it'll be okay soon. aww *sniff* *sniff* too precious!
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Oh I love snuggly pics!! They look like Rocky and Fluffy...
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Awww that is sooo sweet!

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Here is another pic of Sasha and Berkley. Sasha is learning how to walk with a harness and Berkley is not far behind.

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another AWWWWWWW picture.. sweet!!
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Lovely, Ginger, very lovely!

Berkely and Sasha are so adorable!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Sasha looks just like Maddie. You said he was a Bengel, how can I tell if that is what Maddie is or not, she looks just like him, but I've always just say she is a black Tabby, or is she just a domestic shorthair?


One day when I figure it all out, proabably with the help of Tim I'll post Tybalt and Maddie pics!
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Coco your kitties are SO CUTE!!!!
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Here's some cute ones of Zoey

I know I post too many pictures of zoey but I cant help it she's so cute!!!!!!!!!
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