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Cat Nap?

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Jaiden, Flower and Figaro taking a nap Well Flower was asleep untill she heard my camara turn on.

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OMG Cute babies and pretty kitties
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Isn't that so sweet
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Awwwwww!!! Soooo sweeeeet!!!!
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Hey you must have seen my comment on FB. Nice to see you here!

I just love that pic!
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That's the bestest nap ever! Love the kitties and the baby. So sweet.
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Aww, that is sooo sweet!
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Thanks! I finally got a pic of all my babies together Jaiden loves his fur-brother and sister. It is really sweet how much he smiles at the cats. Flower and Figaro are warming up to him. As long as he is not crying they are close by him.
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Hey, looks like you have a couple of live-in babysitters! This is such an adorable capture.. what sweeties they all are!
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