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OMG she had another baby

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Savannah just had baby number 4 almost 24 hrs after the first one. is this normal I am totaly freaked out.
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It happens - not to worry. She may have been mated twice in a 24 hour period. Check to see if there's any more in there. If there are, call the vet and see if you can get some oxytocin shots!
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Its not that unusual, sometimes if the cat had a harder time delivering the kittens, she may take a long break in between them causing the time difference. Also as stated above she may have been bred more than once in a 24 hour period. You should take her to the vet either way to find out if theres any more in there and make sure shes OK and theres no infection or anything pesky like that.
Congrats on the babies!!!
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Ya, that happened to us, except it wasn't quite 24 hours Gives you a bit of a shock, eh!Then some are born days before the others!
Congrats on the new little one!
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My Siamese/Ragdoll had 1 kitten at 7pm (breach & almost an hour - had to intervene and was in the middle of calling a vet when baby came out and is healthy), then another around midnight, it feels like there's more - atleast one more. I felt movement earlier today, not sure if it was twinges of her uterus contracting back, but after palpating, I'm pretty sure there's atleast one more. 2 kittens is a small litter too. Father was Siamese/Himalayan, mated for two days. It's been 24 hours and no more babies. She doesnt appear in distress, I've been on phone with vet twice today. They recommend an xray ($260 plus tax, plus after hours fee, plus anything extra), and I just dont have that money right now!!! Normally we use our petcard & credit card & savings, but we dont have enough with all that combined at the moment - why on a long weekend?!?! I can drive her to another city 1 1/2 hrs away and get the xray for $60!!! But that will be stressful on her and her current 2 kittens that she is taking care of wonderfully. She has some discharge, kind of watery sometimes, sometimes creamy milky - she cleans it up though quicker than I can to get a good look and sample.
Do you think it's interupted labour? She doesnt appear in distress, this is her first litter, and the first kitten was rough on her (2nd came 5 hours later and came out quickly thank goodness for her!). we try so hard to take care of our animals - even brought our dog in after hours for constipation (we didnt know that's what it was though), so we care, and we are willing to pay $. But our vet (one of the most expensive in area) wants $ up front for emerg. and all weekend long is emerg fee. Plus I think the xray price is RIDICULOUS!
I'm just an amateur breeder, and havent experienced this before, but also never bred this breed before. The stud was huge. She is small, although she's 2 1/2 yrs old.

Any recommendations, reassurance, suggestions, or do you think this is it? I'm not one to palpate because of the controversey, but I did just recently, feels like one, but I havent felt movement when I have my hand on her belly/side. I feel something though, like the shape of a kitten including its head.

Please dont bash me, if she were in need of medical attention, I would take her in regardless of price, but she's happy, she's cuddling her babies, she's not in hard labour (or any for that matter it seems), her babies are content and nursing & cuddling.
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