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Walk turns to attack

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I was walking Sunny today, its his 5/6th time. We went into the backyard, and the neighbor's dog came barking. Sunny just want crazy, hissing, growling and slashing. I had to pick him up and take him away, and the dog's owner took the dog away too. I don't think Sunny or the dog were hurt, but I got a couple scratches... Didn't know cats were capable of that. The dog would have been beat up if I hadn't intervened. How can I train him not to go crazy everytime a dog walks by?
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I don't think you can. Cats and dogs are natural enemies. While individuals may become friends, an aversion to the species is innate. (After all, 'dog' is not that far from 'coyote' or 'wolf.')
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A barking and charging dog can mean he wants to play or fight. A cat will always think it's an attack. Sunny reacted like any other cat under the same circumstances. I don't think Sunny will try to attack a dog who is just passing or walking by although he will probably growl and hiss. Hopefully he will learn to ignore dogs that ignore him, but he will always be wary after this incident.
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The same thing happened to us years ago when we were out with the cats. Both my cats still go out for walks, and we will see dogs fairly often. Neither kitty goes crazy when they see a dog, they just behave warily and hunker down until the dog passes by.
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My cats ears always prick up when he hears a dog and cats are naturally wary of there surroundings. Also, cats do know how to defend themselves and make worthy apponents. If they feel threatened, like most, they will move to defend themselves, there are no second chances against a dog in a cats mind, your cat doesn't know that the dog won't harm them and that instinct may save its life one day.
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He doesn't seem bothered by the incident. Maybe I will try a 'dog test' by walking him before one thats not running at him
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