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Any ideas on what it could be?

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Hello. A few weeks ago, I took Tigger in for a check-up (yearly]. which everthing was fine. My primary reason for taking her in was she has always had a crusty nose and makes slurping noises when drinking. The vet gave me some anti-biotic pills ( i just finished giving her the last one yesterday). He thought she might have had an upper respiratory infection. He also suggested putting a warm, damp washcloth over her nose. So far, her nose still looks crusty. Do you have any other ideas on what it could be? Allergies? Dried boogers?
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How crusty are we talking and what color? It could be a few things.
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Not too crusty..... almost like her nose is peeling...... the color is a whitish color almost, but it matches her nose color, which is brown. I know that doesn't give a good description, but that is the best I can give!
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Is she a certain breed? I know Persians that I have come into contact with have some breathing problems associated with the the breed in general. How old is she as well and is this something that has just "come up" or has it always been this way?
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Ttapestry1 , Tigger is a Bengal, and she turned 1 on May 5th. As far as I know, it seems like she has always had it. I had mentioned it to the vet back when she got spayed in February, but the didn't do anything for it. Maybe she just has allergies or something? I will call the vet back and see what he suggests. Seems like the warm rag helps a little though...... gets rid of the dead skin (or whatever you call it)
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Yeah, I cant think of anything that would cause peeling with no conjestion or anything. Keep an eye on it and follow what it does. Make sure and keep track so you can tell a vet if need be in the future.
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Tigger, what kind of cat litter do you use? Sateycat always had a cat-litter-dust-crust on his nose (he looked like he was snorting lines of coke or something) I switched to crystals, and while it has been a lot better, he still sometimes gets a cat-litter-dust-crust on his nose.
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I called the vet and he is going to put her on a longer dose of the previous medication that she was on. Last night I emailed the breeder where I got Tigger from, and she gave me 2 different inputs. A breeder friend of theirs, has a bengal, and the cat had to be sent to a specialist and it was determined there was something wrong with the tearduct, which caused the crustiness. The second was not such good: the other breeder friend had a bengal who had cancer of the nose I talked to the vet, and he ruled that out. He did at 1st suggest to keep an eye out for a few weeks (like you suggested, Sandie) and see if there was any change. I also asked if there was anything else..... that is when he suggested putting her on a longer round of the medication. FYI: when we went to California, 2 days before that I had started to give her the pills, but had to stop when we left (we had noticed a difference.... less crustiness). When we came back, I finished giving them to her, so I think maybe that is what caused it. He also said URI's linger around ?

That is the update! :tounge2:
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Hi, URIs usually have eye involvement and there is considerable sneezing. The cat's front paws usually have matting on them from cleaning their eyes and nose as well.
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