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Poor Sammy

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I came across this today of a kitten in need of some help...
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Ooohhhh!!! Poor little guy!!! How can you surgically fix something like that?

He's such a cutie. You can hear purring on the video.
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Oh, my goodness! He's a frog kitty! He was just adorable, he had gorgeous coloring.
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Yeah I don't think thats "fixable " other than removing the limbs....and where in the world would that cost $10 000 ?? I know vet care is expensive in Ontario but gee ! Poor little dude ....he hops like a bunny....they prob won't update what becomes of him....I just hope he is able to survive this ...
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She should read the book "Uncle Whiskers," about a cat without front legs. He got on quite well. And then there's this video:

Red, My Kanga Cat
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Wow...thats actually amazing isn't it ? I wonder 2 how she or he fairs out in the litter box....if that goes fine...then I don't see any problem with little Sammy having only 2 working legs....
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Awww poor sammy!!! I hope he can live with only two legs! He is such a cute kitty And man does he have a loud purr!
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Has anyone heard any updates on little Sammy?
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