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Daily Thread Friday April 10th

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and mild for this Good Friday Morning.

Hope everyone who has the holiday weekend off is enjoying it so far.

I am heading out to my brothers shortly to visit with some relatives.

We are doing a family baptism this Sunday so we have lots of people visiting for the weekend. We generally do baptisms in batches about once ever 3 years and all the kids born during that time have their ceremonies together and traditionally we do it on the Easter long weekend so anyone that has to travel has extra time..

Having dinner with my aunt afterwards, her birthday is today so I am taking her out.

The kitties are good this morning, all lounging in the window watching the black squirrels at the bird feeder. There are 3 of them out there and I swear one of them is almost as big as Linus..

Everyone have a great day.
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We're sitting here under a tornado watch, again. I have all the carriers ready and everyone is in the playroom so they don't have anything big like a bed to hide under and I can get everyone loaded up fast if I have too.

I hate days like this.
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It's a cloudy day here and we're supposed to get rain. I am going to the cemetery to put Palm on my parent's grave and some Easter flowers also. My sister and I do that every year. Then to the Red Lobster for a late lunch since we cannot eat meat today. Have a nice Good Friday everyone.
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I hope everyone is having a 'good' Friday as well. We're having a nice high in the 70's today, but we'll be having thunderstorms off and on. We had a tremendously loud electrical storm this morning when I woke up and it was very nice to just lie in bed listening to it knowing I didn't have to get out in it and drive to work.

I got out and made a trip to the drug store and the post office this morning (after the storm). Now I'm getting ready to head out again. I'm going to stop by the pet store to look for some canned food and then go do my laundry. After I get home, I'll probably do a little work from home and then read a book and enjoy a quiet evening.
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Today is Jim's birthday. The kids and I will make him a cake this afternoon. He wants to barbeque for supper. It is also a beautiful sunny day
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