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Zoey - April 8th, 2008

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I never posted on the RB board about Zoey when she died a year ago.

A year later, and with two new babies who I love very much, I still miss my "first born." Zoey was such a sweet girl, from the moment I walked into the shelter and she hopped onto my lap and proceeded to sleep in my arms for the entire time I was at the shelter. I wasn't planning on actually picking/taking a cat that day nor was the shelter really ready to adopt her out, but I couldn't leave this little girl who was starving for attention there and Zoey came home with me anyway (as a foster, until she was cleared for adoption)! There was not a shy bone in her body...she would cuddle with anyone who walked in our door. She gave kisses on demand and slept in our arms.

Although I tried everything I possibly could to save her when she got ill a few months after joining our family and didn't give up until I was sure it was time, I still wonder if she could have been saved if I had realized that she was sick earlier. She was such a brave girl, and fought to the end...I just wonder how long she was fighting before she gave us the "HEY MOM! I DON'T FEEL GOOD!" wake up call one morning.

Zoey, please know that I think about you everyday. I talk to your little sisters about you, and there will always be little pieces of you in my world. Belle and Delilah have a better mom because of all that you taught me. If I could have you back, I would carry you with me everywhere, just like you always wanted me to do. I hope that you found some peace and love in your last few months with us and that, wherever you are, you are now healthy and happy. I hope that I will see you again one day and bring your fishy with me, even though I'm sure you would much prefer just so lie in my lap and get pets. I'm proud of you Zoey - for all the fighting you did, and for letting me know that you had finally fought long enough and I needed to let you go.

RIP Baby Girl

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What a beautiful tribute to Zoey. Bijou also has a better mom because of the mistakes I made with Simba and I pray that Simba forgives me for not seeing how sick he was before I did notice. I understand completely how you feel but believe that Zoey and Simba know they were very loved and have forgiven us.
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I'm so sorry, and that was so lovely

What a pretty little girl Zoey is as well

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RIP Zoey... she was a lovely girl We always miss them
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What a Beautiful tribute! She looks like a real sweetie!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I'm so sorry, and that was so lovely

What a pretty little girl Zoey is as well
to both - she really was lovely!
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That is a loving tribute to Zoey. I am so sorry you lost her.

Rest in peace, Zoey.
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So sorry for your loss,Very touching tribute,Zoey what a gorgeous girl. R.I.P Zoey
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I know how much it can hurt even years later. I was thinking of my RB kitty Bugsy this weekend ( he died in 2000) and I got a sudden wave of sadness. RIP Zoey. You were a beauty.
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That was a lovely, touching tribute to a very beautiful kitty.

Rest in Peace, Zoey. Your mom loves you very much
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I'm so sorry in your loss. Its so hard to know when our babies are sick. They hide it so well. You did the very best you could do. Your love for her showed in your tribute and she loved you back just as much.
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Thank you for the thoughts and well-wishes, everyone!
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Rest In Peace Zoey

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