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Love's his "2nd bathroom"

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We put our Maine Coon cat in the main bedroom at times if we are going to have the doors open for home improvement projects or if we're cooking and he's hopping up on the counter. Last week I put him in the bedroom for a bit and he had to poop so he did it on the bed since there wasn't a litter box in there. So, I bought another smaller litter box and put it in a corner of the bedroom. Now he loves this new litter box (that he can barely fit in) and runs in the bedroom as soon as I open the door and jumps into it and uses it. What a weirdo. He has a much bigger nicer one in the laundry room. I don't want him using the bedroom one all the time cuz I scoop it out as soon as he uses it so the bedroom doesn't start to smell and that's kind of a pain. I wonder why he likes this new litter box so much. Any ideas? I'm keeping the door shut as much as possible. Hopefully he'll get over this infactuation with the new litter box. It's kind of funny though. Glad he's not going on the bed anymore.
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He probably likes it just because its new. If I move a litter box in the bedroom for the same reason, or just set one in the hallway because I'm cleaning the other one then my boys have to jump right in and use it.

They're silly
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Too funny. Hopefully it's just the newness. Like PP said, ours will use the empty box when I move it three feet from it's normal spot if I don't get it refilled fast enough when cleaning!
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Some of mine like to urinate in one box and poop in a different box. Maybe he likes the idea of two boxes and not being right next to each other.
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I've had to get three boxes in different locations for my two cats and have never figured out why they use which box.

Where is your first box - he may like the bedroom box because it's quieter in that room, perhaps, or because the sides are lower since the box is smaller? Or what other differences exist? Is #2 in a corner so he feels more secure that no one is sneaking up on him? Or more in the middle so he can see all around himself and might feel more secure that way?
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He may also like it because you scoop it and clean it immediately so it's probably cleaner than the other one. Cats love freshly cleaned litterboxes normally.
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