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Maya is eating but not defacating

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Maya needed an enema at the emergency center this past Monday night to defecate. he has not gone since then. He is eating and drinking well. Shows no pain and is acting quite normal. He is about 13 years old. Any ideas? He should have went several times already.
We are waiting for our vet to come in .
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It's possible that because of the enema, there's nothing in his system to get rid of yet, depending on how much he's eating. You might try adding some plain canned pumpkin to some wet food and/or increasing his intake of canned food to help with the constipation.
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he was on a dry hypo allergenic but we have added the canned.
Vet just called and recommended non flavored Metamucil? 1/2 teaspoon . we are going away for a day. Hopefully by tonight we will see a BM.
if not we are bringing him in tomorrow am
it has been 4 days. There should be something.
Also all blood work ,urine and all things considered heis fine.
vet says he has a large irregular kidney.
we are going to x ray on monday. maybe an ultrasound too?

Thanks Stephanie TX
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Constipation is a common problem with kitties who have kidney issues. I have an older kitty with kidney problems and she eats mainly prescription kidney food, but I also feed her some ground up raw chicken breast, pumpkin, and a bit of canned Wellness grain free twice a day. She has a BM approximately every other day and it's small. However, she's still eating well, drinking well, playing well, so I figure she's okay.

Something else that will help your kitty is to make sure that he's drinking enough water. I add a few teaspoons of water to my girls' wet food just to get a little extra water in them.
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I think you have rec'd some good advice. Just follow your vet's instruction. I hope that Maya is O.K.
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