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Finished Chemo Treatments!!

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Just wanted to share.

I had my last chemo treatment yesterday! Started on Oct. 31, had three different kinds of chemo - 2 during the first round, which lasted until Dec. 31, every 3 weeks, and one (with a drug called Herceptin, which isn't toxic) from the 3rd week of Jan. through yesterday, once a week.

It's ovaaaaaah!!! YAY! I was very, very lucky, in terms of side effects. Never got nauseous or vomited, thanks to great drugs they've developed. I had some annoying side effects which waited until the last couple of weeks to show up. - neuropathy in my toes and fingers, and really annoying sores on my tongue, towards the back, which made it hurt when I swalloed, so I'm eating alot of soups and smoothies and yogurt. But, this too shall pass. Now that it's over, they'll go away. My doc says the sores in my mouth will go away fast, the sore toes and fingers in a couple of weeks.

And my hair will come back!!! Woohoo!

So, on to 6 weeks of radiation! (I'm thinking that'll be a walk in the park, and then I'll be done with poison going into my body.)

My boyfriend's been a trouper through this, and my cat Larry has made me laugh through all of it, so it's all good.
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Fantastic!!! Congratulations! That's excellent you didnt have too many side effects!
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That's terrific! Congratulations, and that the radiation treatments are a breeze.
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So glad you've made it through to this point. A friend of mine with ovarian cancer had a terrible reaction to the chemo. It nearly killed her!!!!

So the docs had to change their approach with her.
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Congrats congrats congrats

Hopefully all the side-effects will heal up quickly and as someone else said after chemo, radiation should be a breeze...

Lots of support vibes coming your way.

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Congratulations! It sounds like you got through that in fine style!
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You go girl! That is so awesome, halfway there and the hardest part over. Sending lots of that radiation is smooth sailing.

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I'm so glad your done with the chemo. I feel your pain cuz I went thru it in 2005. I had non-hodgkins lymphoma. I never vomited either but I had the numb fingers and toes, couldn't even button my blouses. I also lost my hair and wore a wig for a few months. Then I got radiation every day for a month or so. The best thing tho is that the meds worked and I have been cancer free since early 2006. The best of luck to you.
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Great news! I hope you will get a chance to celebrate (or just do something nice for yourself this weekend).
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Great news. Have you been able to keep running through all this?
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Congratulations, and many vibes for a healthy future your way!!!
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Awww well done you, i'm so pleased it's all over for you
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Lots of health
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That's wonderful Many stay healthy vibes
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I must have missed something, I wasn't aware you needed chemotherapy.

I am glad that it is all over for you!
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Awww. Thanks for the kind thoughts, and hugs, and vibes, everyone.

I was running right up until I got the neuropathy in my toes. Shoes really hurt, so I haven't run for two weeks, and it's killing me, because running is my way of healing. And I'm sure, since I've been a runner for 30 years, that it's what kept me strong through the whole thing. But, once the toes aren't sore, I'll be out on the road again.

And I actually am celebrating this weekend. It being Easter and all (all my friends and I think the timing on all of this is very appropriate.... ), I'm very active in my church and in the choir, and by the time we get done with Holy Week and Easter services we're all ready to party. My friends have a terrific party in the afternoon.....singing and eating and drinking. So that's what I'm gonna do.

LaRussa.....congrats for being cancer-free!! I can't wait to hear those exact words from a doc...."You're cancer free."

Through this whole thing, I've actually felt more comfortable going bald. Most of my friends and co-workers are used to it now. I have a wig, but have worn it very infrequently. Hey, with the right earrings, and make-up..... Either that, or I'm just lazy. Bald is so easy!
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