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Milly and Licking!

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I've had Milly for 8 weeks now, (she'll be 16 weeks this saturday!) and she's soooo different to Pippin it's quite scary! Pip was never and still isn't a lap cat, whereas she is!- I cannot sit down for 2 seconds with out a little puff of black and white making herself comfortable on my lap/chest/arm etc... it's gorgeously cute but oh my god I'm going crazy with hairs up my nose, on my face etc. I put her down and up she comes again... over and over and over... But I can deal with this...
She refuses to let me sleep... I know she's still little and wants to play alot but come on... mommy just cannot function with only 2 hours sleep a night sweetheart! She's not actually playing... she's licking me - EVERYWHERE! Any skin which is exposed, she'll lick and then sniff... lick and sniff... and it can go on for hours! The worst is though, she'll try licking my chin/nose/actually anywhere on my face while I'm asleep which will wake me up!

I can't lock her out because Pippin sleeps in his bed under our bed at night and I've tried moving his bed to another room and closing our door but he just sat outside our bedroom door and yowled all night to come in. I've tried putting Milly in another room with the door closed but Pippin gets too distressed and comes to call us and tell us that she's locked away in another room (and I was worried they wouldn't bond... ). I've tried tiring her out before bedtime (and I mean even I was shattered from chasing her/hiding etc) but she slept for 20 minutes at the top of the stairs and just as I was dozing, in she came and it was the lick/sniff routine!

Help! I'm seriously becoming sleep deprived - and it doesn't help that my partner still hasn't put up our lovely super kingsized bed so we are sleeping on a tiny little double!
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Is no one ever going to comment on Any of my questions?
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I have a 6 month old kitten who thinks 1am is the perfect time to lick my face, walk on me, purr in my ear etc. I read encouraging her with food, pats, playing will only enforce the 1am crazies, so I try to ignore her when I need to sleep.

I find playing like crazy and a fresh wet food meal before bed helps her stay calm. Sometimes she'll jump up on the bed and she'll go under the covers to sleep for a few hours. But come 6am, it's play time again.
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