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Litter training the new kitten

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I got an 8 week old kitten yesterday, she is fit and healthy and very playful- just how any kitten should be. The only problem I have is that she wont use her litter tray. Twice she has wet on my daughters duvet, but nothing in any of the 3 litter trays I have put out for her. I have different litter in them so that she can choose which suits her the most. I really dont know how to get her to use the litter tray. I put her in it every half hour, when she wakes up and after she has finished playing, but she just wont go. All suggestions on how to get her to automatically use her litter tray are very welcome. I want to relax round her but I am on edge all the time because she wont use her tray.
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Try kitten attract litter - you can buy it at any petsmart (i think petco as well). Also, the next time she pees outside of the box, get a paper towel to clean the urine, and place it inside of the litter box - you can put her inside of it at that time. You also need to buy an enzyme cleaner to clean the urine off the carpet, or wherever she pees on it, otherwise she will tend to return to that place.
Good luck!
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I like to confine new kittens when I can't supervise them, until they fully understand litter training, and are big enough not to get lost under something. Usually until they're 3 or 4 months old. A large dog crate, a rabbit cage (solid, non-wire floor), or a small bathroom with all rugs/towels removed all work fine.

Just think, for such a tiny little kitten, running all the way across the house---or even across the room---whenever she has to go potty just isn't going to work!
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