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Basel cell skin cancer!

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Today was the day that I had to go to a plastic surgeon and have basel cell skin cancer removed, from my about scared! They used novacain 18 shots..I was cut from the nose right down through my lip all the way through! They removed a pie shaped wedge from the nose down through the lip.All the way through so I'm stitched inside and out..They sent the tissue across the hall for the pathologist to examine..The surgeon was sure he got it all so he started stitching it back up..Just as he got the last of the stitches in knock the patholigist he found that one margin up by my nose was not clear!.. so out came some of the stitches removed more and examined it again.. knock knock and he said you got it all..
I'm swollen like you wolud not believe I feel like Frankstein.. But he said once it has healed I will just have a straight thin scar..
Its still numb 14 hours later but just starting to wake up ouch..Just took a vicodin and hope I can sleep.
Wake up call stay out of the sun.I baked for years on the beaches .. Those days are over sun screen and a hat..Vibes for good healing and a thin scar..Would be apreciated..
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Oh your poor thing You've gave everyone a good reminder not to fry themselves in the sun.

Lot's of healthy healing coming your way
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and for a smooth recovery!
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Go to the store and get some vitamin E oil. I have seen it at walmart and at health food stores. When the stitches come out put some on at least 3 times a day.

You will NOT believe the difference! I had basel cancer removed from my nose. They took 1/4 of my nose! I had 37 stitches! To this day you cannot see where they were unless the light is just right and you are looking for it!

You might want to think about getting one of the paper face masks for when you have to be out in the sun until it is mostly healed. Look funny for a couple of weeks BUT in the long run it will pay off.


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Wow! Sending for healing!

There's also a product that makes scars starts with "m", I think. A friend of mine at work used it on her neck when she had thyroid surgery....can't see anything. I bet it has vitamin E in it.

Hope you get through the healing process really well!!!
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Lots of : )
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Ouch!! Sending many healing healthy vibes your way!

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OMG!!! lots and lots of for quick, painless and uneventful healing.

Yes, there is stuff over the counter that you can rub on the scar once it is no longer scabby or fresh and it will diminish the look of the scar. The pharmacist will know what it's called.

Vitamin E can't hurt either.

ETA: I remember the name - Mederma.
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Lots of guick recovery vibes coming your way....

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That was really some trauma you went through, I'm glad it's over now. Good vibes on recovering and hope you're not in a lot of pain, the meds should help. Feel better soon.
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I'm glad the surgery is over. You must be so brave!

Lots of for healing.
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Thank goodness they were able to get it all! I hope you can sleep through the worst of it, sweetie...
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Sending lots of healing your way!
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Wow, that hurts just to think about. Glad they got it all. Heal fast!
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for you! Very good reminder that being tan has it's price
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for a speedy recovery!
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As a public service, could the two of you with this experience tell us what to watch for on this subject?
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I had a tiny scab that appeared right above my lip.It was no bigger then (trying to explain) the sharpened part on a pencil? I actually at first thought it was a scratch from one of the cats. it was tiny. It would heal up and then come back..After doing this a few times I went and had it checked out. as I knew a scab that does not heal could be skin cancer. And sure enough thats what it was..
I lived at the beach all my life on out on boats during the summer. No sun screen.And even tanning beds a few winters. It for sure was caused by sun!
The plastic surgeon says I should just have a thin scar when it gets good and healed. But right now I feel like a monster face! He also said when anyone has this type of sun caused skin cancer theres a 50% chance you will get another one.. Its still sore and very swollen .
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for quick healing!
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I hope you heal well and its a good reminder to always wear sunscreen.
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Cancerous tissue is softer than other tissue...that's how a doctor can usually tell when he's "gotten it all" as he cuts. I used to puzzle over this, then finally I asked the doctor I was working for. The area usually fills in very nicely. I hope you feel better soon.
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I was in the OR and they sent the pie shaped piece they removed right over to the pathologist and had it checked.He came back and said they had to remove abit more then checked that and gave us the all clear..
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Sending lots of healing vibes!
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I thought mine was a pimple on my nose. It was very tiny. It would not go away no matter what I did as way of treatment. One day I rubbed it without thinking and it started to bleed. It would NOT stop bleeding. I had to walk around holding a tissue on it for over 2 hours before ti would stop. I was at the skin doc the next day and they did the surg. the next week.

I have ALWAYS put on sunscreen. I am the one that always make sure that every ones in our group has it on. I put it on first thing in the morning and every time we went out on the jetskis. I have dark hair and dark skin. My husband is the blond hair, blue eye, fair skin. I am the one that got skin cancer

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How uncomfortable.. and in more ways than one! Hope you are feeling better this Easter!

My grandfather died of malignant melanoma in his early 40's.. was always in the sun as a kid, but now I'm pale as a sheet! Good vibes to EVERYONE here who has dealt with similar.. Here's to hoping it stays away for good!!
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