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Show rules?

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So I never knew household type cats could be entered in a cat show (i thought it was all about pedigree, which all my cats are muts lol). I have a male around 2 years old orange cat that would probably be the best if i ever wanted to take a cat. But do they have to do certain things in the show ring? Like do obsticale courses, sit in their cage, walk on a leash etc.... I want to know everything about shows (what you do at them) specially for cats who know nothing like my cats lol here is a pic of him, i have no idea what breed/ or coloring you would call him Any help would be amazing!
......Man Cake:

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These are the rules I found:

CFA: "Show Rules state that they may NOT be declawed, and if they are over eight(8) months of age they must be neutered or spayed. They are judged for their uniqueness, pleasing appearance, unusual markings, and sweet dispositions."

TICA: "Minimum age is 4 months, there is no maximum. Almost all associations require that adult Household Pets (over 8 months) be altered. TICA allows declawed cats to be shown. TICA allows cats with physical handicaps, such as three legs or one eye, to be shown."

I think those are the major registries that hold cat shows. If there were to be a show in your area, you'd have to contact them for the rules. I'm pretty sure cats don't have to do anything special, like walk on a leash. They just need to allow the judges to handle them without freaking out or biting/scratching anyone.
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^ Thanks! Oy I dont think Man Cake would be good for a judge to handle lol He is a biter and scratcher (sometimes) lol I dont want to try adn take one of the cats and get embarrased when they attack the judge!
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The Fresno is Cfa.
I can get you info on the show.
If a cat bites a judge it will get disqualified.
I have the show rles if yo want them.
If you decide to show I will help you.
I had some help last weekend.
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JuneBug, your baby is a red ticked tabby and a sweetie at that You can download CFA show rules - I don't have the link on me right now (especially since it will change soon) but if you go to and do a search for show rules you'll find it.
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Not sure I'd take a 2 year old who's never been shown.

Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
I dont want to try adn take one of the cats and get embarrased when they attack the judge!
In all seriousness, judges don't want that either. A friend of mine was in hospital on a drip for 6 days after a cat went her while she was judging. Cats can be very dangerous.

At some shows they have agility in the US, I've seen videos and photos of Ocicats.
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In general you want a cat that is pretty friendly to strangers and doesn't mind handling. I've shown a few that went into the show as adults - 50/50 split in being fine with it and hating it. You will know by a few rings if you cat likes it.

I do find that males tend to be more accepting of shows at any age. I had a lot better luck in showing males (mixed and pedigree) then females.

All associations require HHP's that are 8 months or older to be spayed/neutered. CFA bans any declawed cats. TICA and ACFA will accept them but doesn't encourage the practice of declawing. They realize that many people adopt declawed cats from the shelters - not that the person did it themselves.

Good grooming is a must (especially in longhairs). You need to give your cat a bath before and have a clean and brushed/combed coat. Be sure to trim the nails too!

Cats don't really have to do much other then sit there and look pretty. It does help if they are good responders to feather toys, etc as the judges do use them in evaluating. In some shows clubs have an "agility" ring but its not a requirement to run your cat in the ring.
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Here are the Cfa Show Rules.
This show will not have the
agility test at the Fresno Show.
If you decide to try to show your cat I will help you.
If he bites or claws a judge then you will have to stop.
They do not want dangerous cats at the shows.
You have to walk through crowds to get to the rings also.
If your cat is not friendly to people he does not know that will be a problem.
There is another show in Fresno in October.
You can come and watch then decide if you want to enter him at another show.
I am still learning to show but did learn a lot at the last show.

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If you think there's even a small chance that your cat may bite or scratch a judge, IMO it is best if you just put the idea of showing him out of your mind! Cats need to be friendly, relaxed, and calm when being handled by a complete stranger - that is the most important criteria for any show entry, pedigree or non-pedigree.
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Had to wait till home to see the pics. I disagree on the "ticked" red. I think he's more of a solid red. A solid red would appear a little ticked looking, but would include more of the stripes on the legs.

I had 3 red kittens in my one rex litter. One was a Classic Red Tabby, one was a Red Mackerel Tabby and the last one was a Red Solid - there were very very faint stripes on the legs and body. As he got older he lost most of them - was one of the few true solid red cats. He was not ticked at all - looked a lot like the poster's cat. That is why I say its a Solid red and not a ticked.
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Thanks for all the information! Im kinda second thinking about taking him because although he is friendly and usually doesnt bite, he can get a little wiggly when you hold him for a period of time. The only cat that would probably be best is Pooh Bear she is very laid back (the cat sleeps 23 1/2 hours a day!!) but right now we are battling some issues with bites on her back by her tail and she has been scratching a bit above her eye (that baldish area) and so she wouldnt probably be presentable! (She is like 4-5 years old) I will have to think about this!
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I would still try him. Many cats get wiggly, its not a negative thing. The judges know how to work with the cats. Put him in a show and find out what he can do

Under color I would put Solid Red and not Red Tabby or Red Ticked.
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I have no experience to comment on showing just yet, but I DID want to comment on how nice it is to see GREEN grass!! I am so envious...I want some green grass!
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Don't feel bad - there is no green grass yet in SW Minnesota
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Cleo hissed in the ring at a judge after a Tonkinese hissed at her.
I was told its ok.
She did not hiss on the judging table just when they would take her out of the cage.
They knew it was at the other cats so it was not a problem.

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Hehe we have had green grass almost all year, my dad put that manure stuff on it.

Man Cake is actually really quite, i am just afraid of him some how getting loose. Also he likes to sometimes cling to you when you first pick him up, but he usually relaxes, he isnt trying to scratch you, just sorta a thing he does in case you decide you are going to drop him. What exactly is it that the judges look for? Color? temperment? Thanks again for everyones help. I really want to do this! I figure if it doesnt work out then, well we wont go back to another. lol
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
Hehe we have had green grass almost all year, my dad put that manure stuff on it.
Yeah, but you live in California. In the frozen North, it doesn't matter one bit how much fertilizer you put on, the grass stays brown until spring, when it thaws out. Frozen grass is not green .

I don't think they judge by color, because "household pets" would be of any color, and even those who are disqualified for regular showing because of mismarkings. Have fun with the showing and tell us how he does!
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What show would yo like to show in if you decide to show?
Our grass is like straw in summer.
We can only water on certain days.

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Actually the HHP classes are the toughest to judge (from judge's comments) as there are no standards to go by. Basically the judge is looking for a cat in good health and condition (not too fat or too skinny), good muscle on the body, well groomed (especially longhairs) and over all appeal.

The little things that would disqualify a purebred like short tail, extra toes, even a missing leg, are all things that make the cat unique and catch the judge's attention. I know of a few 3-legged cats that did very well in competition. I owned (a long time ago) a stunning black/white bicolor mix who had one dark blue eye and one green eye. She got the judge's attention from the first ring she was shown in! She rarely missed a final.
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Yeah I think domestics are the hardest to judge - although the ones with dry skin flakes and big fat tummies are usually easy to rule out
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