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My 17 year old cat cries all night

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I have a 17 year old female cat.She cries most of the day and all night. In the past 6 weeks,she threw up and defecated on my living room floor. The Vet cannot find any reason for this behavior .
Anyone have an idea?
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Once there's been an okay given by the vet and you're satisfied with it completely, start to look at the household.

Start with the inside, has anything changed? Whether it be a large or small change, any change that a cat doesn't like can result in the behavioural changes that you have mentioned.

Then start with the outside. Are there any cats, (neighbourhood, stray or feral), that you know of that visit your yard during the day or night? Something may have occurred that has upset your cat. Does the living room have a window to the outside world?

You may want to provide your cat with a litter tray in the living room, just in case it is a situation where she is unable to make it to her usual litter tray on time when she does have to go.

Has she just recently started to cry all night and day? Or is this characteristic for your cat?
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She has been crying for 10 months but the past 3 months her cries are very loud and she's been defecating out of the litter box.
She has windows to look outside.No cats are ever on the property.
She is strictly an indoors cat.
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Is she spayed? If not, maybe she is smelling a feral that is outside and it wanting to mate with him.
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That is what I was going to say Shell....
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She is spayed and she has no contact with other cats.
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hmmm..well, maybe someone else will have some good advice for you..I am sorry I am not much of a help for you....
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If she has not had a blood panel run in the past 6 months you should take her to the vet quickly and ask them to run a blood panel on her. Aging cats are susceptible as we all are, to breakdowns of internal organs and other problems. My guess is she can't help what she is doing and is crying for help. Please take her in as soon as possible.
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Elderly cats often will yowl at night. Sometimes this is due to pain or illness, sometimes it is due to difficulty seeing in the dark.

Please ask your vet to do bloodwork to check for problems with liver or kidney functioning and also check to see whether the cat's teeth are okay and to check for any other "hidden" illness that might be causing pain.

Otherwise, try keeping lights on at night to see whether that helps.
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She had a complete blood work up and everything is negative.
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