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Biting the back of neck?

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I just got a new kitten, and my older kitten (6 mos) is biting the new kitten in the back of the neck, almost like he wants to pick him up or something?

I just got the new kitten last night, they are playing a lot but both very skiddish. Is this just establishing dominance or what?

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Probably just trying to work out who's in charge. Keep an eye on them and read the introducing cats threads so you'll know what to expect.

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Are you sure they are really playing?
Cats take a while to get use to each other. You want to introduce them properly. You don't want the new baby to be scared. I would separate them for now and let them get use to their smell first. I've made the mistake of introducing them face-to-face the first day to my 6month to a 8 week old, first day they were fine but my god..the 2nd day till for a week - it was HELL! Eventually it got better but it sucked so much!

If they start to kiss/growl or make unhappy noise! SEPARATE THEM AT ONCE!

Good luck and what your babies names? ^_^
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Boots, the older kitten, is sort of tackling the little guy, trying to hold him down, the kitten does not seem to mind though once boots gets off he goes and chases boots right back. I think they are just playing a little rough.

No hissing or anything, just a lot of chasing around the house, it's very entertaining.

If boots cannot see murderface, he freaks out and starts meowing, he doesn't like not knowing everything.
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He's probably just trying to show the little one who's boss. If the baby keeps going back for more, he's probably fine Just separate them if it turns into serious hissing, growling, etc.
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The new kitten keeps wanting to play, but he crys when boots gets too rough with him, I actually saw boots bite the new kitten right in the balls this morning, I separated them for a half hour and they have been fine since.

Boots hates not knowing what is going on so it seemed to work well.
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
Probably just trying to work out who's in charge.
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Cats have claws and teeth.

They like a good rough house now and then.
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I was not sure if it was more than rough housing or not, which is why I posted.

Boots now holds him down and licks the top of his head, it's odd.

Other than that they are getting along alright.
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