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Jake is a spy!

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So most of you have noticed that I take wayy too many pics of Jake...Sorry if I'm annoying everyone with so many!! But I can't help myself...
I was sitting cross legged today completely relax not thinking about anything just enjoying my free time...when I noticed I'm being spied on!! Jake must have thought this is the perfect place not to be seen!!
My camera was right next to me so I grabbed it..

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That is hysterically adorable! Maia loves to spy as well so I know the cuteness attack feeling there!
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Jake is a not-so-stealthy spy! Keep posting pics of him--he's so cute.
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love the second pic. Kizzy likes to play with ties on pants too.
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What a stealthy little fellow. He looks like he thinks he's so sneaky in that first picture.
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You can never put too many pics up of Jake. He's so handsome! And such a character!
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What nonsense! You could never take too many pictures of handsome Jake! Keep em coming, I'm a huge fan of Jake
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LOL.. That Jake sure isn't very sneaky! And thank goodness because then we all get to see these cute moments!

The only thing better than all of your many pictures of Jake.. are more pictures of Jake!
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LOL! He's adorable and so sneaky!
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Its James Bond!! Jake is sooo adorable!!! You could never post too many pics of him!
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That's awesome. Wilbur does that same thing. When i'm at home I wear sweats. got a million pairs of them. some of them have blue strings for the waist. if I leave them on the outside he'll do that same thing and play with the strings. it's awesome!
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