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A skinny cat losing weight...

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Luna has never weighed more than 6 pounds. She has gotten very skinny and I don't know why. I do know that she will at times eat too fast and throw it back up. Can any one tell me what I can feed her that will fatten her up a bit? I will try anything. I don't like how I can see her bones sticking out.
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Might be hypothyroid or any number of other possible health problems. She definitely needs to see a vet ASAP.
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Go to the vet.
There are so many different things your cat could have.
My Crf cat does that.

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She had a whole check up last year - they found nothing wrong. I just don't think she is getting enough to eat. She is just so tiny.
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If its been a few months since her last check up. I would get her checked again. alot can change even in a few months. Try feeding her small meals more often so she doesn't throw it back up.
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How old is she? As they get older, a lot of vets will recommend twice yearly check ups, which is still a long time in cat terms. If it were me, I'd at least call the vet and see what they say - but I'd probably be calling to get a blood panel, etc., done.
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It's been a year, and a lot can change in a kitty in a short period of time. Luna needs to go to the vet and make sure there's no medical condition causing her problem. She needs to have a full blood panel done, thyroid checked, diabetes check, and kidneys checked. If there's something medically wrong with her, it doesn't matter what you do to fatten her up, it won't help.
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Get her in to run some more tests. My old guy suddenly started losing weight in the last few months. Nothing showed up (we ran every test you can run) so the vet started him on a trial treatment to get some weight back on him. He's normally a lean 9 lb cat and went down to under 8.5 lbs in a matter of months. He seems to be putting some weight back on and has a better appetite on his medication.
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A lot can change in a year and even in a few months. I would take her in to the vet.
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Hi you don't say what kind of food she is on or how much. To answer your initial question, kitten food should help put weight on if she's not sick. Lots of xtra protein and calories. Is she on a free feed diet? Is she getting hard and soft food? She should really be taken to a vet. There's gotta be a reason for the weight loss.
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I agree, it's best to get her to a vet.

That said.... our Flowerbelle is small and thin. She always looks bony and too thin. However, as she's gotten older, she's developed a problem with hairballs. It's not that she eats too fast, it's that she gets a belly full of hairballs, she eats, the dry food expands, and she throws it up undigested. If she hasn't been hacking, this is how we know she needs hairball stuff. She hates it all, and we have to get that ribbon of crap down her like a med.

I don't know if this could be part of your kitty's problem or not.

But if it were us, we'd get another blood panel to make sure there's not a thyroid/kidney/liver problem.

We'd give her hairball meds. This is the stuff we use: ALL of the other cats love it and just lick it out of a bowl.

And I'd feed her kitten food (if the vet says there's nothing wrong with her).

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Laurie, you'll want to read this. GREAT info about hairballs and vomiting from Dr. Sue Whitman
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Thanks Violet! I bookmarked it - it's an excellent article!

I guess we'll just move to "hairball maintenance" for the whole crew.

Sabrina - for you and for Luna. I know it's a bummer to go to the expense of blood work and a check up to find out everything's fine.... but just in case it isn't, I think you'll find it is worth the peace of mind.

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I can only echo the other's sentiments...she needs to go to the vet for sure. So much can change, and a vet appointment a year ago doesn't cover it if she's losing weight. She could have any number of problems, and assuming she's "not eating enough" is a dangerous assumption.

Please take her to the vet!
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Just wondering if there are any updates?
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