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My new German Shepherd puppy, Hagan! Cuteness warning!!!

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It just dawned on me that I never posted pictures of my new puppy, Hagan here in the pet pics section! I must do so now! I adopted him after the divorce (my ex kept my other two dogs, and I really just needed something positive in my life...he was a perfect fit!). I adopted him from a very high kill shelter the day before New Yrs. Eve and got to take him home on New Years Eve. He's been a great start to the new year for me. He gets along really well with my cats too.

He's still technically a baby not quite finished growing. A little background- When I first got him, he was emaciated at 48lbs. You could see every bone in his little body. He had 2 deep puncture wounds that were abcessed and infected (thus causing a massive infection in his blood stream), and he was light heartworm positive. He was due to be pts. the day I adopted him. I thought he needed a second chance though!!! Hagan is about a 12 months old and will be full grown between 18-24 months. Since I've had him he's done wonderful! His infections have cleared up with some good care and the fur has regrown around his puncture wounds now! His heartworms are cleared up as well (thankfully!), and he is gaining weight and looking wonderful!

Here are a few pictures of my little guy:

In the visiting room at the shelter when I first decided to adopt him!

First day at home!

I don't think the little guy ever had any toys before I took him in. He had no idea how to play or what to do with his toys when I first got him....took him a while, but he got the hang of it!

First bubble bath! He was soo good!!
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Yes, I know I was warned with the cuteness warning, but I can't resist a GSD Incredible that such a gorgeous boy could have been on death row It was a miracle that you got there in time (good work, Guardian Angels ). Congratulations on turning his life around
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Another picture from his first day at home!

Apparently they don't make doggy t-shirts big enough for him at our local pet stores....biggest one I could find in an attempt to keep his puncture wounds covered....didn't even begin to fit him lol....put it on for a quick picture and returned it!

Hagan's first snow! (and putting on a little weight...this was the begining on March I think)

Another first snow picture (although the snow was mostly melted!)

Pictures from a few weeks ago! (He's not technically allowed on my bed, but I cought him up there one day with his little lamb my mom got him (may it RIP!) and I just had to get some cute pictures!

he's such a little poser now lol

if you look closely, there's a little black Velvet kitty in the background He is really fascinated with her!

His first attempt at begging for food. (Do notice the box of cheez-it's) (And no I didn't cave lol!)
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Wow has he ever come a long way! I think you are healing each other!
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what a gorgeous dog.
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Another picture from his first week at home. He LOVES my niece Taylor.

My sleepy baby!

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Awww, he's cute! I am so glad that you were able to be there for each other!
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He is so handsome . I love his smile. He is obviously very happy now he has a loving home.
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Awww thanks you guys!!! Hagan has definitely been soo good for me. I was really depressed over not getting to take my other two babies (dogs) with me after the divorce....I was grieving over them. So I just figured it was time to do something positive, and I couldn't think of a better way to do that than to get a new little furry friend to brighten my life. I wasn't trying to replace my other pups, but I just wanted a wonderful new friend to fill that empty space in my heart, and Hagan fit the bill. I think I needed Hagan as much as he needed me He's been such a blessing!
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Hagan is a very handsome boy! That is absolutely wonderful how you saved him on his PTS day!!
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He is so adorable!! You both are so lucky to have each other!
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Awwww HOW cute is he!?? Such a little angel boy

I'm glad you decided to rescue him, you two are great for each other
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Now that is one happy looking dog & a happy sounding owner.. so special. He's going to be so handsome as a big boy.. can't wait for more pics & I'm so happy you two found each other!
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He is so adorable. Congratulations
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Oh my gosh, I love him!
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Aww he's adorable!!!!
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He is such a gorgeous boy congratulations
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Thanks you guys!!! I love my little guy!!! He's such a sweet boy (when he's not trying to herd me lol- but that's being worked on )

For those of you who have me added on facebook, I post new pictures of him weekly just about! I'll have to post some new pictures of him here on TCS when I get a chance!
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what a boooooooottifull little boy

cute cute cute cute CCUUTTTTEEEE!
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