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My son had his first birthday!

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My son Oliver Hersteinn turned one year yesterday! Time really flies! I really cant belive it a year allready! I had some relatives and friends over to celebrate. I had baked some cakes, but my pride was the Winnie the Pooh cake. I deffenetly will show you that cake when I get the film develloped (don´t have a digital yet...)
Oliver was so happy, he got a lot of nice presents that make sounds, have moveable parts etc... but his favorite toys are still the diaper(sp?) bucket (nappy pale)and the laundry basket
He is recently standig up against everything, and today while standing against this Fisher Price thing we gave him, which makes sound and has small balls going down a round slide if you put them through the right place, he actually walked several steps a few times!!! (It´s very light weight, so it kept going off, and he "had" to follow)
I was able to borrow the Pooh cake pan from a friend of a girl I know, but I really like a Pook pan on my own, so now I may need your help, people who live in countries that are not Iceland where some things are just not available... I am a HUGE Pooh fan, and of course we had Pooh paper plates, Pooh paper table cloth, Pooh napkins, and of course the Pooh cake!
Oh, it was so much fun to celebrate a children´s birthday, and even MY OWN child! I really recomend this!
Pictures will be coming! And also from the swimming class, we bought disposable camera that can be used under water, and I am so excited to see those photos!
PS. Needless to say, that when Oliver is crawling around, the first thing he goes to (when he can get the attention off the nappy pale) are the cats beds and he loves to splash in the cats waterbowl! He is always so disapointed, when I tell him that he is not supposed to disturb the cats in their beds or play with their food!
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Happy birthday Oliver! I'm glad he had such a great time. Before you know it he will be climbing up on the counters to find the cookies in the cupboards!
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Have you tried eBay for the Pooh stuff? I go there for almost anything and I prefer to buy from international sellers so you may be able to find something from someone who would sell internationally. If you still want to find the stuff and eBay isn't a consideration I'd be glad to look around for you.

And congratulations on the 1st year birthday party!
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Happy birthday, to your little one. There is a store here, that may have the pan that you want. If you don't find one, internationally, let me know and I'll check Michael's.
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I'm so happy that he had a good 1st birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful little celebration! Can't wait to see the pictures!
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Happy 1st Birthday Oliver! I can't wait to see the pictures!
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Weeee! Happy Birthday Oliver! It sounds like you had a complete blast Pollyanna. I can't wait to see pictures. I'm a huge Pooh fan myself. My boyfriend bought me a beautiful Pooh throw that I sleep with every single night.

I can't wait to see how the cake turned out. Please post pictures as soon as you can!
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Sounds like your sons birthday was a blast!!! Happy late birthday Oliver!!
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